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Violation Tracker UK Summary for Offence Group

Offence Group: financial offences
Penalty Total since 2010£4,178,153,261
Number of Penalty Cases: 3,837
Note: Includes records/cases without monetary penalties.
Top 10 Parent CompaniesTotal PenaltyNumber of Cases
NatWest Group PLC£364,725,85610
JPMorgan Chase£174,006,2003
Banco Santander£173,488,9006
Deutsche Bank£170,135,0243
Standard Chartered£169,185,0103
Lloyds Banking Group£149,343,6009
Goldman Sachs£148,461,5004
Tesco PLC£148,400,0002

Individual Penalty Cases:

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CompanyParentParent Major IndustryOffence TypeYearAgency sort iconPenalty Amount
Newham Pizza Ltd dba TGF Pizza tax violations2018UK-HMRC£192,668
Shop it Again tax violations2018UK-HMRC£169,887
Euro Mini Market tax violations2018UK-HMRC£165,035
UK Coachways Limited tax violations2018UK-HMRC£159,680
Kelly Cellars Ltd dba Kelly's Cellar tax violations2018UK-HMRC£143,985
London Waterloo Hostel tax violations2018UK-HMRC£124,403
R M Wholesalers Limited dba Booze Depot RM Drinks tax violations2018UK-HMRC£116,270
Duco Developments Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£96,250
RTS Textile Recyclers Limited tax violations2018UK-HMRC£89,866
HVS London Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£86,985
Hartwood Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£85,966
Shen Zhen Shi Shang Huang Shang Mao Company Limited dba Seeblue tax violations2018UK-HMRC£82,604
Shenzhenshihuahancaizhizhipin Baozhuangyouxiangongsi tax violations2018UK-HMRC£81,484
Junny Ltd dba Lau's Buffet tax violations2018UK-HMRC£78,320
Stella Mares Ltd dba Barraco tax violations2018UK-HMRC£78,004
Panda House tax violations2018UK-HMRC£77,259
Mude Ltd dba Big Chef Cafe & Restaurant tax violations2018UK-HMRC£76,775
Kebab Takeaway Ltd dba Topkapi tax violations2018UK-HMRC£75,022
Belle Green Mini Market tax violations2018UK-HMRC£69,698
Charlie Chan's tax violations2018UK-HMRC£69,148
Security Management Services Limited tax violations2018UK-HMRC£63,726
Eaton Build Limited tax violations2018UK-HMRC£63,050
More Booze Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£59,469
Yellow Label Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£58,896
Stefplast Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£57,368
G1 Cleaning Limited dba Duke of Iron tax violations2018UK-HMRC£56,677
Shen Zhen Si Mai Si Dian Zi Shang Wu You Xian Gong Si tax violations2018UK-HMRC£55,172
Shen Zhen Shi Hui Tang Ke Ji You Xian Gong Si dba buyftb tax violations2018UK-HMRC£54,375
Shenxhen Kumeida Technology Co Ltd dba Eonfinedirect UK tax violations2018UK-HMRC£49,397
Axia Computer Systems Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£48,877
Z & D Properties tax violations2018UK-HMRC£48,068
Z & D Properties tax violations2018UK-HMRC£48,068
L'Oliveto Mazdour Limited dba L'Oliveto Rutland Ltd. tax violations2018UK-HMRC£47,197
China K Ltd dba China King tax violations2018UK-HMRC£47,189
Eco Voice Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£45,869
Raja Tandoori Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£45,426
Trade vans trade prices South Wales tax violations2018UK-HMRC£41,831
Mehrab Ltd dba Tava Restaurant tax violations2018UK-HMRC£41,646
Purefleet Limited tax violations2018UK-HMRC£41,421
Smiling Property Services Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£41,031
Aldeia Limited tax violations2018UK-HMRC£39,818
Impulse & Response Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£37,861
Symor Construction Limited tax violations2018UK-HMRC£37,308
Peking Chef tax violations2018UK-HMRC£37,026
G Boat Square Limited dba The Golden Boat R2 tax violations2018UK-HMRC£36,807
Hot Grill Restaurant Limited dba Chirk Tandoori tax violations2018UK-HMRC£36,796
Shabaaz Curry Cottage Limited dba Thai Elephant tax violations2018UK-HMRC£36,566
Insignia Properties Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£36,299
Garden Services tax violations2018UK-HMRC£34,406
AMT Energy Solutions tax violations2018UK-HMRC£32,912
Brynmawr Tandoori Balti House tax violations2018UK-HMRC£32,508
OPR Sports Management Ltd fka OPR Sports Consultancy Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£32,300
All Star Films Limited tax violations2018UK-HMRC£30,134
Arabica Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£27,890
Partnership Griggs tax violations2018UK-HMRC£27,733
La Tazza Cafe Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£27,099
Ali Superstore (uk) Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£26,957
J Weekday Limited dba Jade Dragon House tax violations2018UK-HMRC£25,463
Platinum Management Services Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£23,657
Bideshi Ltd dba Desii Restaurant tax violations2018UK-HMRC£23,387
Temple Industries Ltd dba The Temple tax violations2018UK-HMRC£23,142
Elite Floors tax violations2018UK-HMRC£21,306
Hereford Way Convenience Store tax violations2018UK-HMRC£20,914
Quality Home Improvements Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£20,500
Morley Fencing & Landscaping Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£19,682
Carbon Technologies Group PLC tax violations2018UK-HMRC£19,174
Elebond Ltd dba Well Stree Fish Bar tax violations2018UK-HMRC£18,142
Shenzhenshi Youpicnchuang Shanmao Co Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£17,604
Chennai Chutney Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£17,379
S.I News and Off Licence tax violations2018UK-HMRC£15,641
Glazepro Limited dba mr Glassman tax violations2018UK-HMRC£14,908
Honicknowle Service Station tax violations2018UK-HMRC£14,058
City View Hotel Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£12,384
Pizza Time tax violations2018UK-HMRC£9,852
Hot Wok Events Limited tax violations2018UK-HMRC£9,753
MY.KLT Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£2,713,705
Ekey Technology Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£2,645,065
Spectrum Contracting Services Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£1,408,429
Ramoo Associates UK Limited tax violations2018UK-HMRC£728,998
A C Steels Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£549,314
M & G Property Development and Maintenance Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£542,378
Blue Bell Inn Nottm Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£502,673
Airefibre Direct Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£462,790
Drinks Enterprises Ltd dba Drinks Cash & Carry tax violations2018UK-HMRC£383,447
Chambers Nottm Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£364,647
Shenzhenishi Longhanfengyi Kejyouxiangongsi dba ZookkiDirectUK tax violations2018UK-HMRC£364,618
Fat Cat Sherwood Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£263,713
Fat Cat Nottingham Limited tax violations2018UK-HMRC£253,244
Banssi Solutions Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£229,988
Fat Cat Derby Limited dba The Fat Cat Cafe Bar tax violations2018UK-HMRC£213,944
Brisha Limited dba Bayleaf Restaurant tax violations2018UK-HMRC£199,673
Grantbridge Limited dba Charcoal Grill tax violations2018UK-HMRC£151,817
Up N Down Under Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£147,623
Elephant & Ant Solutions Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£144,357
Guangzhou City Qianluo Trading Co Ltd dba La Isla tax violations2018UK-HMRC£143,577
Springburn Stores Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£141,739
Focus 15 Trading Limited tax violations2018UK-HMRC£137,006
Hawkfield Investment Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£129,176
Pepper Sauce Restaurant tax violations2018UK-HMRC£117,410
Globalforce Contracts Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£114,203
Digontho Limited dba Khushboo tax violations2018UK-HMRC£112,876