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Violation Tracker UK contains information from over 75 UK government agencies on more than 100,000 cases in which companies and large not-for-profits were cited for regulatory infringements. Those entities include subsidiaries linked to a universe of more than 750 parent companies as well as smaller firms without parents. The parents are both publicly traded and privately held, and are both UK-headquartered corporations as well as foreign firms with UK operations.

How to Search

There are three main ways to access the information in Violation Tracker UK.

First, the home page allows you to create searches with up to three variables: company name, offence group and the regulatory agency bringing the action. The company name search box covers parents as well as subsidiaries. After making your choice and clicking on the Filter button, the search results will appear below. You can click on any of the individual items to see the full entries.

Second, the home page also contains a dropdown menu listing all of the 750 parent companies for which we aggregate data. When you choose one of the parents you will be taken to an overview page that provides its violation totals, a breakdown of its main offence categories and links to the individual cases.

Next to the parent dropdown on the home page is a link called Summaries. That will take you to a page from which you can choose a variety of other overview pages. They include summaries for each Parent Industry, Offence Group, and Agency as well as the Countries in which parent companies are headquartered.

Finally, you can click on the Advanced Search link on the home page to go to a form that allows you to construct a custom search using up to 14 variables. See the User Guide for more details on these options as well as other features of the database. Note that the individual cases in the search results and on summary pages can be downloaded, up to a limit of 1,000 entries.

Examples of What You Can Find in Violation Tracker UK

If you have problems with a search, contact Phil Mattera.