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Violation Tracker UK Summary for Offence Group

Offence Group: financial offences
Penalty Total since 2010£4,178,153,261
Number of Penalty Cases: 3,837
Note: Includes records/cases without monetary penalties.
Top 10 Parent CompaniesTotal PenaltyNumber of Cases
NatWest Group PLC£364,725,85610
JPMorgan Chase£174,006,2003
Banco Santander£173,488,9006
Deutsche Bank£170,135,0243
Standard Chartered£169,185,0103
Lloyds Banking Group£149,343,6009
Goldman Sachs£148,461,5004
Tesco PLC£148,400,0002

Individual Penalty Cases:

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CompanyParentParent Major Industry sort iconOffence TypeYearAgencyPenalty Amount
Copiers (UK) Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£41,532
Valley Industrial Products tax violations2017UK-HMRC£41,160
Arlene's Barber Shop tax violations2017UK-HMRC£40,824
Ritchie Building Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£39,724
D K Gill Ltd franchise of Bargain Booze and Premier tax violations2017UK-HMRC£39,241
Mpower4u Limited tax violations2017UK-HMRC£37,409
Clearwater Properties tax violations2017UK-HMRC£35,259
JBS Decorating & Maintenance Services tax violations2017UK-HMRC£33,919
Elizabeth Ann Studios tax violations2017UK-HMRC£32,543
Bartrace Enterprises Ltd dba The Green Lady tax violations2017UK-HMRC£30,911
Shakun Subway Ltd franchise of Subway tax violations2017UK-HMRC£29,251
Construction Sealants Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£26,804
Ashoka (Bridgend) Ltd dba Ashoka Tandoori Restaurant tax violations2017UK-HMRC£25,336
The Big Screen Co & Persuasive Image tax violations2017UK-HMRC£25,240
Solak Trading Limited dba Sol Catering Consultancy tax violations2017UK-HMRC£24,956
Tutu tax violations2017UK-HMRC£23,463
Barley Wines Supermarket Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£23,041
Combined Utilities Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£23,038
Gold Jewellery Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£22,551
Stationers Depot tax violations2017UK-HMRC£21,785
Technica Group tax violations2017UK-HMRC£21,486
Carmarthen Construction Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£21,044
Tandoori Kitchen tax violations2017UK-HMRC£20,805
Sree Sai NI Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£20,627
A B P Restaurants Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£20,508
Mellerstain Developments Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£19,600
Elitte Construction Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£19,488
G-Pound Zone Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£19,424
Rance Roofing tax violations2017UK-HMRC£18,964
Pooja Enterprises (UK) Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£17,311
Anglian Excavations Ltd dba East Anglian Excavations Ltd. dba Lee Brothers Earthmovers Ltd. tax violations2017UK-HMRC£16,439
Bernham Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£15,361
Singh's Convenience Stores Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£15,072
Rufford Stores tax violations2017UK-HMRC£14,787
Jain Europe Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£13,879
Welcome Stores (NW) Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£13,564
Minik Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£13,551
Phoenix Contractors tax violations2017UK-HMRC£12,427
Phab Floors tax violations2017UK-HMRC£11,421
Skelwith Leisure (Raithwaite) Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£4,493,791
Ezy Drinks Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£3,482,016
Changtel Solutions UK Ltd dba Enta Technologies Ltd. tax violations2017UK-HMRC£501,137
What Next Media Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£248,195
Vita Cafe ES Limited tax violations2017UK-HMRC£212,790
Mantlepiece (UK) Corporation Ltd dba Mantlepiece SS Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£202,019
Adams Express Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£183,221
Impact Sports Management Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£177,119
Euromotion Trading Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£172,368
GS Trading VI (Chesterfield) Ltd dba The Chesterfield Hotel tax violations2017UK-HMRC£130,258
Swastik Traders Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£127,002
Brandfresh Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£123,371
Wimbledon Ltd dba Woo Jung tax violations2017UK-HMRC£95,112
Okrich Private Ltd franchise of Rollover tax violations2017UK-HMRC£78,007
FRS Realisations 2016 Ltd dba Foresight Recruitment Solutions Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£58,267
Rosso Woodford Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£53,657
Rose & Crown (The) tax violations2017UK-HMRC£49,838
Surrey Homes Ltd (a company registered in the Isle Of Man) tax violations2017UK-HMRC£48,960
Crowntree Investments Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£48,220
London Demolition (UK) Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£46,778
OME (HR Management) Corporation Ltd dba CTS Personnel Ltd. tax violations2017UK-HMRC£45,575
Moy Auto Services tax violations2017UK-HMRC£41,702
Saffron Indian Restaurants Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£41,698
Johnsons tax violations2017UK-HMRC£38,105
AA Baits UK Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£37,370
Drymix Ltd dba Sylhet Fresh Veg tax violations2017UK-HMRC£36,060
Illumidata Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£35,557
O'Hare News tax violations2017UK-HMRC£34,771
Wok 2 Walk Ltd franchise of Wok to Walk tax violations2017UK-HMRC£34,462
Communion Solutions Ltd Orchid Restaurant tax violations2017UK-HMRC£29,489
M.C.L. Transport Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£26,650
Butler & Eves Ltd dba Samsons tax violations2017UK-HMRC£25,014
GP Machinery Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£21,858
Diamond Dry Cleaners and Papa Pizza and Hevalo Cafe tax violations2017UK-HMRC£19,197
Monifieth Car Wash tax violations2017UK-HMRC£19,057
Scorpio Entertainment UK tax violations2017UK-HMRC£18,948
Mint Innovations (MD) Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£18,560
Wooferz Dog Care tax violations2017UK-HMRC£17,630
Coaching Hotels dba The Griffin Hotel Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£16,199
Simon Nicholas Associates Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£15,380
Spar West Cross Ltd franchise of Spar tax violations2017UK-HMRC£14,472
M&S Groundworks Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£14,352
Bakeland Construction Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£13,090
U & A Communication Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£12,435
Pure Veg Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£11,640
Matlock Recycling Limited tax violations2017UK-HMRC£2,227,887
Al Pacino Import and Export Limited tax violations2017UK-HMRC£831,269
Blue Chilli Transport Limited tax violations2017UK-HMRC£417,429
SSD Trading Limited tax violations2017UK-HMRC£383,594
Thameside Labour Hire London Limited tax violations2017UK-HMRC£364,424
Istanbul Grill Limited tax violations2017UK-HMRC£241,100
Lina Enterprises tax violations2017UK-HMRC£232,901
Spartan Midlands Limited tax violations2017UK-HMRC£183,001
Interlink Scaffolding Limited tax violations2017UK-HMRC£116,730
Asia World Limited dba Harbour City tax violations2017UK-HMRC£92,679
New Lucky House Dundee Limited dba The Lucky House tax violations2017UK-HMRC£76,291
R S Recovery (Midlands) Limited tax violations2017UK-HMRC£68,235
W B Raj Restaurant tax violations2017UK-HMRC£65,021
Krys Construction tax violations2017UK-HMRC£64,458
Newford Payless Limited tax violations2017UK-HMRC£63,235
Y R Laundrette and Discount Beds and Y R Furniture tax violations2017UK-HMRC£53,680
Horbury Construction Limited tax violations2017UK-HMRC£50,883