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Violation Tracker UK Summary for Offence Group

Offence Group: financial offences
Penalty Total since 2010£3,682,418,877
Number of Penalty Cases: 3,240
Note: Includes records/cases without monetary penalties.
Top 10 Parent CompaniesTotal PenaltyNumber of Cases
NatWest Group PLC£363,717,5199
JPMorgan Chase£174,006,2003
Banco Santander£173,488,9006
Deutsche Bank£170,135,0243
Standard Chartered£169,185,0103
Lloyds Banking Group£149,343,6009
Goldman Sachs£148,461,5004
Tesco PLC£148,400,0002

Individual Penalty Cases:

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CompanyParent sort icon . Parent Major IndustryOffence TypeYearAgencyPenalty Amount
Bridgegate Patrol Dogs Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£58,199
Bridge Investment & Developments Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£8,400
Brian Ziff Limited accounting fraud or deficiencies2022UK-ICAEW£350
Brian Paul Limited accounting fraud or deficiencies2017UK-ICAEW£12,792
Brian McManus Car Sales Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£10,250
Brian Hughes and Sons tax violations2019UK-HMRC£384,010
Brewchoice Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£956,388
Brentwood Alaturka Ltd dba A La Turka tax violations2020UK-HMRC£37,821
Brandfresh Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£123,371
Bramwell Morris accounting fraud or deficiencies2019UK-ICAEW£1,464
Bramley Off Licence Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£25,850
Braham Good LLP EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£6,555
Brafman Enterprises Limited dba Le Cafe tax violations2017UK-HMRC£32,113
Bradwell & Partners accounting fraud or deficiencies2020UK-ICAEW£750
Bradshaw Estate Agents Limited anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£0
Bracken Rothwell Limited accounting fraud or deficiencies2018UK-ICAEW£4,350
BR Estate Agents Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£3,000
BPC Chandarana & Co Ltd accounting fraud or deficiencies2021UK-ICAEW£1,750
BP Remit Limited  anti-money-laundering deficiencies2021UK-HMRC£0
Boyce Care Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£235,770
Boy Plant Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£602,191
Bournemouth Lahore Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£16,360
Borneo House Ltd dba The Laughing Buddha tax violations2016UK-HMRC£136,149
Born Associates Limited anti-money-laundering deficiencies2021UK-ICAEW£5,000
Borders & West (Inc. Howe & Co) Limited ASP anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£3,888
Bordeaux Services (Guernsey) Limited investor protection violation2016UK-GFSC£100,000
Bora Bora Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£15,406
Boot & Son Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£5,800
Bono Properties Number Two Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£3,950
Bond Wolfe Auctions Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2021UK-HMRC£52,000
Bombay Blues (Westclife) Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£85,027
Bolton Reed Limited ASP anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£14,000
Boldmore Real Estate Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2021UK-HMRC£1,350
Boblec Hall Limited tax violations2018UK-HMRC£46,288
Boava Solutions Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£72,845
BNY Mellon Corporate Trustee Services Ltd TCSPBank of New York Mellonfinancial servicesanti-money-laundering deficiencies2021UK-HMRC£9,465
Bluevale Structures Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£57,709
Blueprint Partnership (Manchester) Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£243,757
Blue Ice Consortium Ltd dba Maya Fine Indian Dining tax violations2020UK-HMRC£46,974
Blue Chilli Transport Limited tax violations2017UK-HMRC£417,429
Blue Bell Inn Nottm Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£502,673
Blue Arrow Accounting LtdImpellam Group PLCbusiness servicesaccounting fraud or deficiencies2021UK-ICAEW£779
Blu Sky Tax Ltd accounting fraud or deficiencies2023UK-ICAEW£7,000
Blick Rothenberg Global Business Services Limited accounting fraud or deficiencies2020UK-ICAEW£7,924
Blenheim Fiduciary Group Limited anti-money-laundering deficiencies2017UK-GFSC£70,000
Blaze Tanning tax violations2019UK-HMRC£61,158
Blaydon Bookkeeping Ltd ASP anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£4,228
Blackstone Properties Group Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£7,200
Blackrock Investment Management (UK) LimitedBlackRockfinancial servicesinvestor protection violation2012UK-FSA£9,533,100
Blackman Terry LLP accounting fraud or deficiencies2023UK-ICAEW£201
Blackman Real Estate Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£3,700
Black Sparrow Fife Ltd. dba Maya's Indian Restaurant tax violations2016UK-HMRC£17,144
Black Cherry Club tax violations2021UK-HMRC£29,538
Biznav Limited accounting fraud or deficiencies2021UK-ICAEW£3,096
Bismilla Property Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£2,530
Bishop Fleming LLP accounting fraud or deficiencies2022UK-ICAEW£3,117
Biresa Limited dba Pomodoro E Basilico tax violations2020UK-HMRC£736,929
Birch Vehicle Sales Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£18,479
Bilston High Street Fish Bar Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£113,020
Bill Dane Property Sales Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£5,600
Bigs Agri Engineering tax violations2018UK-HMRC£12,236
Bideshi Ltd dba Desii Restaurant tax violations2018UK-HMRC£23,387
Biberetto Ltd tax violations2021UK-HMRC£51,339
Bhinda Sahota Construction Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£42,359
BH2 EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£44,054
BGC Brokers LP and GFI Brokers Ltd and GFI Securities Ltd investor protection violation2022UK-FCA£4,775,200
BFE Brays Ltd accounting fraud or deficiencies2021UK-ICAEW£1,400
Beycafe Ltd dba Frenchgate Cafe tax violations2019UK-HMRC£112,984
Bewar Food Store tax violations2018UK-HMRC£38,951
Bevells Estates Ltd EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£3,300
Bevells Estates Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£3,300
Bevan-Evans & Capehorn Solicitors LLP anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-SRA£4,000
Best Kebabs (Limbury) Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£34,012
Best Kebab tax violations2023UK-HMRC£51,668
Besso LimitedBGC Partnersfinancial servicesinvestor protection violation2014UK-FCA£315,000
Berwyn Construction Ltd tax violations2020UK-HMRC£79,936
Bernham Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£15,361
Beresfords accounting fraud or deficiencies2021UK-ICAEW£4,200
Beresfords accounting fraud or deficiencies2020UK-ICAEW£4,000
Benson Wood Limited accounting fraud or deficiencies2020UK-ICAEW£700
Bengal Dynasty of Market Ltd tax violations2020UK-HMRC£12,324
Benedicts Consultants Surveyors Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£4,500
Benassi & Company Ltd dba Slice tax violations2019UK-HMRC£41,925
Belvoir Printing Limited tax violations2022UK-HMRC£47,547
Belvedere Homes (UK) Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£172,042
Bellside Development Ltd tax violations2021UK-HMRC£15,429
Bellissima Fine Wines Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£34,752
Belle Green Mini Market tax violations2018UK-HMRC£69,698
Bell Windows (NI) Limited tax violations2021UK-HMRC£21,637
Bell & Co Estates Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£3,900
Belgrave Motor Company Ltd anti-money-laundering deficiencies2020UK-HMRC£2,226
Belfers Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£3,000
Begbies accounting fraud or deficiencies2016UK-ICAEW£2,400
Beeston Construction Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£21,170
Beaver Log Cabins Limited tax violations2021UK-HMRC£47,062
Beaumont Street Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£82,125
Beaumont Contracts Ltd. fka Linton Contractors Ltd and Linton Decorators Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£318,746
Bearsden Foods Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£13,202
Bear Joe Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£13,100
Beacon Wills and Probate Limited accounting fraud or deficiencies2019UK-ICAEW£1,000
BDSwiss Holding Plc investor protection violation2021UK-FCA£0