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Violation Tracker UK Summary for Offence Group

Offence Group: financial offences
Penalty Total since 2010£4,178,153,261
Number of Penalty Cases: 3,837
Note: Includes records/cases without monetary penalties.
Top 10 Parent CompaniesTotal PenaltyNumber of Cases
NatWest Group PLC£364,725,85610
JPMorgan Chase£174,006,2003
Banco Santander£173,488,9006
Deutsche Bank£170,135,0243
Standard Chartered£169,185,0103
Lloyds Banking Group£149,343,6009
Goldman Sachs£148,461,5004
Tesco PLC£148,400,0002

Individual Penalty Cases:

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CompanyParent sort iconParent Major IndustryOffence TypeYearAgencyPenalty Amount
Zoya Investments Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£124,321
Zoom995 Ltd EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£2,750
Zolsha Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£95,276
Zobi Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£89,661
Zipkin Technologies Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£3,200
Zeta Shoes Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£37,042
Zest Tax Limited ASP anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£5,600
Zero Option Rock Promotions and Z Records tax violations2018UK-HMRC£218,348
Zero and Zero Ltd dba Retro tax violations2016UK-HMRC£44,321
Zedeye Limited dba Le Moon Restaurant tax violations2020UK-HMRC£101,674
Zara Restaurant Ltd Zara Indian Cuisine tax violations2020UK-HMRC£36,257
Zara Cash and Carry (Liverpool) Limited tax violations2016UK-HMRC£20,571
Zamzam Enterprise Ltd EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£3,400
Zamco Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£1,736,633
Zaman Roberts LLP EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£14,500
Zaj Associates Limited ASP anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£9,000
Zaike Dar Food Ltd formerly trading as Kebabish Peri Peri tax violations2023UK-HMRC£67,026
Zaidi & Co accounting fraud or deficiencies2019UK-ICAEW£35,830
Zabka Polski Sklep tax violations2023UK-HMRC£13,222
Zaam Foreign Exchange Ltd anti-money-laundering deficiencies2020UK-HMRC£0
Z & D Properties tax violations2018UK-HMRC£48,068
Z & D Properties tax violations2018UK-HMRC£48,068
YZ Enterprises Limited dba New China House tax violations2016UK-HMRC£61,160
Yummy Yummy Takeaway Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£35,458
Yummies Takeaway tax violations2023UK-HMRC£40,121
Yummies Restaurant Ltd tax violations2021UK-HMRC£89,196
YQMS Limited tax violations2022UK-HMRC£1,179,907
YPO accounting fraud or deficiencies2017UK-ICAEW£1,500
Yours Fashion Jewelry Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£16,952
Yours City Exchange Ltd anti-money-laundering deficiencies2020UK-HMRC£0
Yourkeymove Ltd EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£4,100
Your Property Geeks Ltd EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£2,750
Young Alarms Gas and Electric Services Ltd tax violations2020UK-HMRC£16,768
Yotool Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£20,178
Yorkshire Building SocietyYorkshire Building Societyfinancial servicesmortgage abuses2014UK-FCA£4,135,600
Yorkshire Building SocietyYorkshire Building Societyfinancial servicesinvestor protection violation2014UK-FCA£1,429,000
York Laurent Ltd EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£1,350
Yokees Foods tax violations2020UK-HMRC£27,148
YJ Wu Ltd Ocean City tax violations2022UK-HMRC£52,975
Yildiz Import Enterprise Ltd tax violations2021UK-HMRC£993,255
Yi Liu Eatery Ltd dba Dragon Inn tax violations2019UK-HMRC£30,728
Yi Feng Network tax violations2019UK-HMRC£25,540
YG Group Ltd AMP anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£2,500
Yendor Homes Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2021UK-HMRC£1,100
Yellow Label Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£58,896
Yasin & Co. Accountants Ltd ASP anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£4,500
Yara Restaurant Ltd tax violations2021UK-HMRC£137,362
Y&Y Consultants Limited ASP anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£4,500
Y R Laundrette and Discount Beds and Y R Furniture tax violations2017UK-HMRC£53,680
Y K General Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£110,512
Y Construction Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£57,686
Y & A Group, LP anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-IOM£28,631
Xpressions fka Cinnamon Bay & Chicken Cottage tax violations2023UK-HMRC£86,296
Xpress Money Services Limited T/A Xpress Money anti-money-laundering deficiencies2021UK-HMRC£0
Xpress Money Services Limited MSB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£1,489,611
Xomo Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£14,933
Xinyang Industrial Hong Kong Limited dba Besmall tax violations2019UK-HMRC£31,784
Xing Lee Food Manufacturing tax violations2022UK-HMRC£26,771
Xcap Securities PLC investor protection violation2013UK-FCA£120,900
Xact Payroll Solutions Ltd ASP anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£3,200
Wycombe Tandoori Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£22,193
WTAX UK Limited ASP anti-money-laundering deficiencies2021UK-HMRC£7,500
WSM Advisors Limited accounting fraud or deficiencies2019UK-ICAEW£1,019
Wrights Accountancy Services Limited TCSP anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£12,500
Wright & Wright (Hinckley) Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£5,000
Worthington Group PLC tax violations2018UK-HMRC£85,313
Worldwide Property Sales Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£14,500
Work Legal-E Ltd. tax violations2014UK-HMRC£18,747,375
Wooferz Dog Care tax violations2017UK-HMRC£17,630
Woodview Lane Estates Ltd EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£2,650
Woodthorpe Moto Company tax violations2016UK-HMRC£47,525
Woodside Contracts Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£752,265
Woodroffes anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-SRA£2,600
Woodplumpton Accounting Limited ASP anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£2,585
Woodlock Financial Services (1998) Limited investor protection violation2015UK-GFSC£28,000
Woodface Ltd EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£14,500 Ltd. payday lending violation2012UK-OFT£0
Wonga Group Limited tax violations2016UK-HMRC£43,845
Woldwaste Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£16,980
Wok U Like tax violations2022UK-HMRC£29,559
Wok 2 Walk Ltd franchise of Wok to Walk tax violations2017UK-HMRC£34,462
Wok 'N' Roe Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£57,801
WOJ Buildings Ltd Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£24,357
WJE Limited formerly trading as Oriental Garden tax violations2023UK-HMRC£78,377
Witter Properties Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2021UK-HMRC£5,000
Wise Payments Limited economic sanction violation2023UK-OFSI£0
Wise & Co accounting fraud or deficiencies2023UK-ICAEW£20,705
Winterflood Securities LimitedClose Brothers Group PLCfinancial servicesinvestor protection violation2010UK-FSA£4,052,500
Wings Edinburgh Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£231,318
Wine Cellar Midlands Ltd (The) tax violations2021UK-HMRC£52,191
Winchester Services Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£344,888
Wimbledon Ltd dba Woo Jung tax violations2017UK-HMRC£95,112
Wilson Tominey Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£26,142
Wilson Henry LLP accounting fraud or deficiencies2021UK-ICAEW£4,598
Wilson Financial Modelling Limited ASP anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£6,950
Wilshers & Co. tax violations2018UK-HMRC£105,043
Wilok’s International tax violations2023UK-HMRC£332,573
Wills Bingley Limited anti-money-laundering deficiencies2020UK-ICAEW£1,050
Willows Construction Services Ltd. tax violations2016UK-HMRC£315,928
Willowloch Limited tax violations2024UK-HMRC£32,022
Willow Trust Limited anti-money-laundering deficiencies2014UK-GFSC£30,000