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Violation Tracker UK Parent Company Summary

Parent Company Name: KPMG
Ownership Structure: privately held
Headquartered in: Netherlands
Major Industry: business services
Specific Industry: accounting services
Penalty total since 2010£93,729,645
Number of cases: 40
Top Offence Groups (Groups Defined)Penalty TotalNumber of Cases
financial offences£93,724,37038
employment-related offences£5,2751
safety-related offences£01
Top Offence TypesPenalty TotalNumber of Cases
accounting fraud or deficiencies£93,724,37038
pension plan violation£5,2751
childcare and educational services violation£01
Note: Parent-subsidiary linkages are based on current relationships and may vary from what was the case when a violation occurred.
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Individual Penalty Cases:

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CompanyOffence TypeYearAgencyPenalty Amount sort icon
KPMG LLPaccounting fraud or deficiencies2023UK-FRC£23,874,365
KPMG LLPaccounting fraud or deficiencies2022UK-FRC£18,667,937
KPMG LLPaccounting fraud or deficiencies2021UK-FRC£15,450,000
KPMG Audit Plcaccounting fraud or deficiencies2019UK-FRC£6,000,000
KPMG Audit Plcaccounting fraud or deficiencies2019UK-FRC£4,500,000
KPMG Audit Plcaccounting fraud or deficiencies2019UK-FRC£3,500,000
KPMGaccounting fraud or deficiencies2022UK-FRC£3,375,000
KPMG LLPaccounting fraud or deficiencies2018UK-FRC£3,296,000
KPMG LLPaccounting fraud or deficiencies2022UK-FRC£3,010,000
KPMG Audit Plcaccounting fraud or deficiencies2023UK-FRC£2,450,000
KPMG Audit Plcaccounting fraud or deficiencies2018UK-FRC£2,212,000
KPMG LLPaccounting fraud or deficiencies2024UK-FRC£1,462,500
KPMG LLPaccounting fraud or deficiencies2023UK-FRC£1,222,180
KPMG LLPaccounting fraud or deficiencies2023UK-FRC£1,197,800
KPMG LLPaccounting fraud or deficiencies2023UK-FRC£1,066,163
KPMG LLPaccounting fraud or deficiencies2022UK-FRC£944,000
KPMGaccounting fraud or deficiencies2020UK-FRC£455,000
KPMG LLPaccounting fraud or deficiencies2015UK-FRC£227,500
KPMG Audit Plcaccounting fraud or deficiencies2015UK-FRC£162,500
KPMG Audit LLCaccounting fraud or deficiencies2019UK-ICAEW£137,818
KPMG LLPaccounting fraud or deficiencies2023UK-ICAEW£123,807
KPMG Audit plcaccounting fraud or deficiencies2023UK-ICAEW£106,307
KPMG Ltdaccounting fraud or deficiencies2022UK-ICAEW£67,152
KPMG LLPaccounting fraud or deficiencies2021UK-ICAEW£65,835
KPMG Audit plcaccounting fraud or deficiencies2021UK-ICAEW£58,260
KPMG Channel Islands Limitedaccounting fraud or deficiencies2022UK-ICAEW£46,505
KPMG LLPaccounting fraud or deficiencies2019UK-ICAEW£10,818
KPMG LLPaccounting fraud or deficiencies2020UK-ICAEW£9,585
KPMG LLPaccounting fraud or deficiencies2021UK-ICAEW£8,295
KPMG LLPaccounting fraud or deficiencies2020UK-ICAEW£6,243
KPMG LLPpension plan violation2018UK-TPO£5,275
KPMG Audit plcaccounting fraud or deficiencies2016UK-ICAEW£4,700
KPMG LLPaccounting fraud or deficiencies2018UK-ICAEW£2,350
KPMG LLPaccounting fraud or deficiencies2016UK-ICAEW£2,350
KPMG Channel Islands Limitedaccounting fraud or deficiencies2020UK-ICAEW£1,400
KPMGaccounting fraud or deficiencies2020UK-FRC£0
KPMG LLPaccounting fraud or deficiencies2020UK-ICAEW£0
KPMG Ltdaccounting fraud or deficiencies2021UK-ICAEW£0
KPMG LLPaccounting fraud or deficiencies2022UK-FRC£0
KPMG Limited Liability Partnershipchildcare and educational services violation2020UK-OFSTED£0