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Each entry in Violation Tracker UK is tagged with one of more than 50 primary offence types. We divide these into six broader groups. Users may view summary pages for the various offence groups and can use the groups (or the types) in formulating searches on the Advanced Search page. Below are the groups and the offence types included in each.

Competition-related Offences

bribery; energy market manipulation; energy market violation; foreign exchange market manipulation; Groceries Supply Code of Conduct violation; interest rate benchmark manipulation; price-fixing or anti-competitive practices

Consumer-protection-related Offences

charity violation; consumer protection violation; gambling industry violation; immigration services violation; insurance violation; licensing violation; privacy violation; telecommunications violation; utility violation; water services violation

Employment-related Offences

benefit plan administrator violation; labour standards violation; pension plan violation

Environment-related Offences

climate change regime violation; commercial fishing violation; dredging violation; environmental violation; habitat violation; oil drilling violation; salvaging violation; solid waste violation; toxic spills and leaks; water pollution

Financial Offences

accounting fraud or deficiencies; anti-money-laundering deficiencies;

Healthcare-related Offences

care quality violation

Safety-related Offences

aviation safety violation; childcare and educational services violation; drug or medical equipment safety violation; food safety violation; nuclear safety violation; product safety violation; product standards; railroad safety violation; security industry violation; workplace safety or health violation