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Violation Tracker UK Summary for Offence Group

Offence Group: safety-related offences
Penalty Total since 2010£584,517,040
Number of Penalty Cases: 55,313
Note: Includes records/cases without monetary penalties.
Top 10 Parent CompaniesTotal PenaltyNumber of Cases
Network Rail£20,064,27027
Kier Group PLC£9,039,6027
Tata Group£7,874,53539
Balfour Beatty£7,265,80819
National Gas Transmission PLC£7,209,7456
Valero Energy£6,000,0001
Merlin Entertainments Limited£5,277,0043
Northern Gas Networks£5,134,94016
Deutsche Bahn£4,687,46812
Valencia Waste Management£4,600,4386

Individual Penalty Cases:

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CompanyParentParent Major IndustryOffence TypeYear sort iconAgencyPenalty Amount
Pak Poultry Products Limited food safety violation2011UK-FS£2,382
S L G Wholesale Meats Limited food safety violation2011UK-FS£2,000
HCF Poultry Limited food safety violation2011UK-FS£7,000
G Lawrence Wholesale Meat Company Limited food safety violation2011UK-FS£44,424
Nirma Foods Limited food safety violation2011UK-FS£3,000
Premium Halal Meat Poultry Limited food safety violation2011UK-FS£7,489
Paul Flatman Limited food safety violation2011UK-FS£5,585
Paul Flatman Limited food safety violation2011UK-FS£5,585
Romford Halal Meats Limited food safety violation2011UK-FS£5,027
Romford Halal Meats Limited food safety violation2011UK-FS£5,027
Romford Halal Meats Limited food safety violation2011UK-FS£5,027
Romford Halal Meats Limited food safety violation2011UK-FS£5,027
Romford Halal Meats Limited food safety violation2011UK-FS£5,027
Lion Steel Equipment Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-CPS£480,000
Chescombe Limited t/a Tantons Hotel fire safety violation2012UK-DSFRS£50,000
Angel Case & Packing Co Ltd aviation safety violation2012UK-CAA£25,000
Atom Scientific Limited aviation safety violation2012UK-CAA£5,000
Pyeroy Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£11,166
IMERPLAST UK LIMITED workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£8,634
LONDONENERGY LTD workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£74,265
ICSL Accord Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£35,241
Ferrisgate Coatings Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£17,103
One Call Hire Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£5,036
Omnitool Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£4,700
Wilden Services Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£22,148
W S Lusher & Son Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£14,755
Waste Away Skip Hire (Liverpool) Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£15,791
BP Exploration Operating Company LimitedBPoil and gasworkplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£400,000
Perkins and Sons workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£2,775
Brims Construction Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£85,000
M & C Roofing Contractors Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£8,999
J Smart & Co (Contractors) P L C workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£1,600
Daver Steels Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£100,000
Tata Steel UK LimitedTata Groupdiversifiedworkplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£33,320
Maxibrite Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£25,115
Quality Engineered Products Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£6,121
Bellway Homes LimitedBellway PLCconstruction and engineeringworkplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£11,005
Morgan Technical Ceramics LimitedMorgan Advanced Materials PLCmiscellaneous manufacturingworkplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£203,307
Nature's Power Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£35,840
Sun Spirit Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£1,600
Fergusson Coal workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£120,000
Chrysaor Production (U.K.) LimitedHarbour Energy PLCoil and gasworkplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£3,159,458
T.I.P. Europe Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£556,950
Bowman Ingredients Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£25,141
BCL Renewables Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£21,837
P A S (Grantham) Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£17,072
Alcohols Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£295,000
Pockmor Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£20,620
Francis W Birkett & Sons Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£3,791
David Watson Transport Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£238,031
Lanarkshire Health Board workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£60,000
Warrens Bakery Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£10,000
Febrey Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£85
Sarum Asbestos Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£115,500
Diverse Ventures Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£54,000
Primopost Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£32,979
Royal United Hospital (Bath) NHS Trust workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£215,403
Roxel (UK Rocket Motors) Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£446,000
Priory Healthcare LimitedWaterland Private Equityprivate equity (including portfolio companies)workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£365,801
Costain LimitedCostain Group PLCconstruction and engineeringworkplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£16,980
Angus Tyres Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£10,000
Bell Formwork Services Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£16,851
Tyrrells Potato Crisps Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£13,000
Medaax Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£28,467
P C Lifts Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£4,346
Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£8,926
L. Lynch (Plant Hire & Haulage) Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£173,856
THE PIRBRIGHT INSTITUTE workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£72,350
HLA Services Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£10,711
Aston Roofing North West Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£1,100
Solent Waste Services Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£31,752
Brickflair Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£8,137
St James Group LimitedBerkeley Group PLCreal estateworkplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£614,936
Mitchellson Formwork & Civil Engineering Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£414,936
James Jones & Sons Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£34,000
BS Graves Electrical Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£31,500
Laundryquip LLP workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£21,500
R G F Construction Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£20,000
Flogas Britain LimitedDCC PLCbusiness servicesworkplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£33,673
Complete Utilities Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£107,909
CLB Refrigeration Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£31,744
Anderson Stewart (Castings) Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£6,000
Manningtree High School workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£10,642
Inspire (Partnership Through Life) Ltd. workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£30,000
Boden & Davies Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£8,709
Teesdale Architectural Stone Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£6,525
Stormguard Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£6,378
Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Services LimitedBalfour Beattyconstruction and engineeringworkplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£325,000
Enterprise (AOL) Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£325,000
Souvenir Scenic Studios Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£5,534
Sika LimitedSika AGchemicalsworkplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£18,220
Millbrook Healthcare Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£356,572
Marrill Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£20,904
Environmental Management Solutions Services Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£10,760
Tata Steel UK LimitedTata Groupdiversifiedworkplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£12,384
Maintenance 24 7 Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£10,784
Coleman & Company Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£4,615
HIS Energy Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£524,968
Incube Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£9,025
Petroineos Manufacturing Scotland LimitedIneoschemicalsworkplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£24,000
Tata Steel UK LimitedTata Groupdiversifiedworkplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£1,822,517