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Violation Tracker UK Summary for Offence Group

Offence Group: safety-related offences
Penalty Total since 2010£531,073,184
Number of Penalty Cases: 50,052
Note: Includes records/cases without monetary penalties.
Top 10 Parent CompaniesTotal PenaltyNumber of Cases
Network Rail£20,064,27027
Kier Group PLC£9,039,6027
National Grid£8,441,03910
Tata Group£7,874,53534
Balfour Beatty£7,265,80819
Valero Energy£6,000,0001
Merlin Entertainments Limited£5,277,0043
Northern Gas Networks£5,134,94014
Deutsche Bahn£4,633,07611
Go-Ahead Group PLC£4,230,7993

Individual Penalty Cases:

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CompanyParentParent Major IndustryOffence TypeYear sort icon . AgencyPenalty Amount
W.E.Rawson Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£115,839
Sarval Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£30,143
Hartwell Manufacturing Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£18,006
Gary Bluff Projects Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£12,735
Astbury Design & Build Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£12,015
Stoneforce Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£15,196
EnviroWales Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£6,300
Jamestown Industries Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£6,300
Leisure Connection Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£65,746
Archimica Chemicals Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£80,000
Gendex Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£15,492
W P Metals Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£10,740
Granite Express Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£7,000
Polestar UK Print Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£13,012
Honda of the UK Manufacturing LimitedHondamotor vehiclesworkplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£15,959
HMY UK Innovation in Retail Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£7,388
Kismet Kebabs Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£25,000
W C D Sleeman & Sons Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£50,000
Select Air Services Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£16,608
Aesica Pharmaceuticals Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£107,804
Mears LimitedMears Group plcbusiness servicesworkplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£18,578
Emballator (UK) Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£15,769
Renishaw PLCRenishaw PLCindustrial equipmentworkplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£13,397
O'Brien Properties Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£6,000
Kaby Engineers Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£15,182
Felt Supplies Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£239,166
The Boswells Academy Trust workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£46,000
Staples Disposables Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£45,440
Bryen & Langley Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£21,209
Newhey Loft Conversions Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£60,000
Hall Isherwood Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£2,331
Darren Baker Scaffolding Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£10,731
Optima Foundations Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£23,171
NHS Lanarkshire workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£24,000
Chelmer Truck Bodies Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£12,423
Con Mech Engineers Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£28,045
Basi Construction Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£16,798
W J Edge & Son Builders Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£12,000
J N Bentley LimitedMott MacDonald Groupconstruction and engineeringworkplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£196,250
Lois Gastoneaux Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£178,034
Pontrilas Sawmills Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£57,756
W Cooper & Son (Plymouth) Ltd. workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£15,000
Paramount Scaffolding Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£3,000
Wessex Lift Co Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£125,000
EDV Reinforcements Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£10,566
Merepark Construction Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£38,490
Cemex UK Operations LimitedCemexbuilding materialsworkplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£790,784
Altrad Services Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£690,784
Tyre Renewals Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£25,302
Wienerberger Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£17,691
Motorhouse 2000 Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£10,320
Arriva London North LimitedDeutsche Bahnfreight and logisticsworkplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£9,508
Quarterman Windscreens (UK) Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£4,508
Dean's of Huntly Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£24,000
Hill Partnerships Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£7,502
Farnbeck Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£46,640
Newlook Roof Coatings Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£18,452
Dollcast Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£19,671
Milton Keynes Roofing Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£11,672
JH Carruthers Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£254,000
Lockheed Martin UK Ampthill LimitedLockheed Martinaerospace and military contractingworkplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£17,336
Rapid Hire (Swindon) Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£2,016
Bathgate Slate Technologies Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£9,464
Thompsons (UK) Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£25,284
Bloomsbury Glass Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£6,928
St Christopher's Hospice workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£25,000
Pirelli Tyres LtdPirelliautomotive partsworkplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£24,331
The Alternative Pallet Company Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£30,877
Diageo Scotland LimitedDiageobeveragesworkplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£18,000
Prestige EA Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSE£5,000
J B Plant Hire workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSENI£12,500
OM Tyre Recycling Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSENI£7,500
Gallaher Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSENI£150,000
S J Anderson and Sons Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSENI£3,000
Clairehill Plastics Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSENI£8,000
Reid Engineering (Cookstown) Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSENI£17,500
JMW Farms Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSENI£200,500
Walter Campbell Joinery workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSENI£3,750
EMC Con-struction & Engineering workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSENI£3,000
Andrew Best Construction Limited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSENI£10,000
Capital Reinforcing (Ireland) Lim-ited workplace safety or health violation2012UK-HSENI£12,500
Imperiun Limited drug or medical equipment safety violation2012UK-MHRA£0
Rigcharm Ltd drug or medical equipment safety violation2012UK-MHRA£0
Leansave Limited drug or medical equipment safety violation2012UK-MHRA£0
Wensleydale Railways railroad safety violation2012UK-ORR£8,000
English, Welsh and Scottish Railways InternationalDeutsche Bahnfreight and logisticsrailroad safety violation2012UK-ORR£239,554
Telford Steam Railway workplace safety or health violation2012UK-ORR£8,000
Southeastern railroad safety violation2012UK-ORR£87,589
Network RailNetwork Railmiscellaneous servicesrailroad safety violation2012UK-ORR£375,735
Network RailNetwork Railmiscellaneous servicesworkplace safety or health violation2012UK-ORR£182,500
Network RailNetwork Railmiscellaneous servicesrailroad safety violation2012UK-ORR£4,118,052
Network RailNetwork Railmiscellaneous servicesrailroad safety violation2012UK-ORR£1,060,015
Stafford Security Services Ltd security industry violation2012UK-SIA£11,500
Progressive Security and Fortis Security (UK) Ltd. security industry violation2012UK-SIA£14,000
Arcanum Solutions Ltd care quality violation2012UK-OFSTED£0
Arthur Rank Training Unit care quality violation2012UK-OFSTED£0
Barford Education and Training (North East) Limited care quality violation2012UK-OFSTED£0
Birmingham Rathbone Society care quality violation2012UK-OFSTED£0
E. H. Booths & Co. Limited care quality violation2012UK-OFSTED£0
Central Training UK Limited care quality violation2012UK-OFSTED£0
Cornerstone (Leicester) Limited care quality violation2012UK-OFSTED£0