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Violation Tracker UK Summary for Offence Group

Offence Group: safety-related offences
Penalty Total since 2010£584,517,040
Number of Penalty Cases: 55,313
Note: Includes records/cases without monetary penalties.
Top 10 Parent CompaniesTotal PenaltyNumber of Cases
Network Rail£20,064,27027
Kier Group PLC£9,039,6027
Tata Group£7,874,53539
Balfour Beatty£7,265,80819
National Gas Transmission PLC£7,209,7456
Valero Energy£6,000,0001
Merlin Entertainments Limited£5,277,0043
Northern Gas Networks£5,134,94016
Deutsche Bahn£4,687,46812
Valencia Waste Management£4,600,4386

Individual Penalty Cases:

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CompanyParentParent Major IndustryOffence TypeYearAgency sort iconPenalty Amount
AMAZON.CO.UK.LTDAmazon.comretailingaviation safety violation2016UK-CAA£65,000
Brooks Discount Limited trading as Top Brand Discounts 4 U aviation safety violation2015UK-CAA£6,060
Choice Select Limited aviation safety violation2014UK-CAA£333
AeroHeli Limited aviation safety violation2014UK-CAA£250
L E West & Co aviation safety violation2014UK-CAA£3,000
Burwood Aviation Supplies Limited aviation safety violation2014UK-CAA£5,000
Angel Case & Packing Co Ltd aviation safety violation2012UK-CAA£25,000
Atom Scientific Limited aviation safety violation2012UK-CAA£5,000
Blue Air Aviation aviation safety violation2022UK-CAA£40,000
Mollington Banastre Hotel fire safety violation2023UK-CFRS£65,000
Heather Croft Care Home fire safety violation2022UK-CFRS£79,500
Crewe Arms Hotel fire safety violation2017UK-CFRS£90,120
Spice of India fire safety violation2014UK-CFRS£2,020
Buffet City / Thaixotic fire safety violation2012UK-CFRS£20,000
Cheshire Fast Food fire safety violation2014UK-CFRS£4,998
Hospitality First Two Ltd fire safety violation2017UK-CFRS£58,120
Cypress Court Care Home fire safety violation2017UK-CFRS£59,120
Hallmark Hotel fire safety violation2010UK-CFRS£75,000
Haslington Hall fire safety violation2012UK-CFRS£16,000
Haslington Hall Ltd fire safety violation2018UK-CFRS£9,000
Lavender House Residential Home Ltd fire safety violation2018UK-CFRS£53,627
Minster Care Ltd fire safety violation2016UK-CFRS£55,120
Smallwood Homes Limited (Thelwall Grange Care Home) fire safety violation2016UK-CFRS£59,284
Forestors Arms (Tarporley) Ltd fire safety violation2020UK-CFRS£3,375
Cotswold Geotechnical Holdings Ltd workplace safety or health violation2011UK-CPS£385,000
Lion Steel Equipment Ltd workplace safety or health violation2012UK-CPS£480,000
Princes Sporting Club Ltd workplace safety or health violation2013UK-CPS£134,580
Mobile Sweepers (Reading) Ltd workplace safety or health violation2014UK-CPS£183,000
Sterecycle (Rotheram) Ltd workplace safety or health violation2014UK-CPS£500,000
Cavendish Masonry Ltd workplace safety or health violation2014UK-CPS£150,000
Peter Mawson Ltd workplace safety or health violation2015UK-CPS£220,000
Pyranha Mouldings workplace safety or health violation2015UK-CPS£200,000
Huntley Mount Engineering Ltd workplace safety or health violation2015UK-CPS£150,000
CAV Aerospace Ltd workplace safety or health violation2015UK-CPS£600,000
Linley Developments Ltd workplace safety or health violation2015UK-CPS£200,000
Kings Scaffolding Ltd workplace safety or health violation2015UK-CPS£300,000
Baldwin's Crane Hire Ltd workplace safety or health violation2015UK-CPS£700,000
Cheshire Gate and Automation Ltd workplace safety or health violation2015UK-CPS£50,000
Sherwood Rise workplace safety or health violation2016UK-CPS£300,000
Bilston Skips Ltd workplace safety or health violation2016UK-CPS£600,000
Monavan Construction Ltd workplace safety or health violation2016UK-CPS£550,120
Ozdil Investments workplace safety or health violation2017UK-CPS£660,000
SR and RJ Brown workplace safety or health violation2017UK-CPS£300,000
Master Construction Products Ltd workplace safety or health violation2017UK-CPS£225,000
Martinisation Ltd workplace safety or health violation2017UK-CPS£1,200,000
Ward Recycling Ltd workplace safety or health violation2023UK-CPS£2,500,000
Timmins Waste Services Ltd workplace safety or health violation2023UK-CPS£400,000
FDS Waste Services Ltd workplace safety or health violation2022UK-CPS£600,000
DH Willis & Sons Ltd workplace safety or health violation2023UK-CPS£335,000
Greenfeeds Ltd workplace safety or health violation2022UK-CPS£4,000,000
AlutradeAlutrade Management Team Investments Limited Companywaste management and environmental servicesworkplace safety or health violation2022UK-CPS£2,105,514
Aster Health Care Ltd workplace safety or health violation2021UK-CPS£1,040,000
H&A Recycling Ltd workplace safety or health violation2020UK-CPS£200,000
North Allerton Heating workplace safety or health violation2020UK-CPS£160,000
JTF Wholesale workplace safety or health violation2017UK-CPS£1,000,000
Chescombe Limited t/a Tantons Hotel fire safety violation2012UK-DSFRS£50,000
Flames Grill & Pizza fire safety violation2013UK-DSFRS£2,500
Latona Luxury Ltd fire safety violation2015UK-DSFRS£28,742
St Andrews Lodge fire safety violation2015UK-DSFRS£24,500
Pickled Panda Ltd fire safety violation2015UK-DSFRS£14,511
Park Hotel fire safety violation2015UK-DSFRS£14,631
Somerville Hotel fire safety violation2016UK-DSFRS£11,430
Cambria Hotel fire safety violation2016UK-DSFRS£16,004
IF Hotels Ltd fire safety violation2016UK-DSFRS£7,000
Woolacombe Beach Holiday Park ltd fire safety violation2016UK-DSFRS£55,500
Almondsbury Care ltd fire safety violation2017UK-DSFRS£109,685
Old Skools fire safety violation2017UK-DSFRS£12,400
Zig Zags fire safety violation2017UK-DSFRS£5,721
Costcutter fire safety violation2018UK-DSFRS£5,806
Sherwood Palm Hotel Ltd fire safety violation2018UK-DSFRS£50,165
B&B Duke St fire safety violation2018UK-DSFRS£5,580
The Dusthole Co Ltd fire safety violation2018UK-DSFRS£35,000
Montacute Court ltd fire safety violation2020UK-DSFRS£2,000
Wok Wok 7 fire safety violation2020UK-DSFRS£0
Woodland House fire safety violation2020UK-DSFRS£33,218
Au Bord De La Mer ltd fire safety violation2022UK-DSFRS£22,800
Higginshaw Abattoir Ltd food safety violation2024UK-FS£32,170
T Smith & Sons Limited food safety violation2022UK-FS£17,728
GST Limited food safety violation2022UK-FS£27,250
Stillmans (Somerset) Limited food safety violation2022UK-FS£44,751
West Scottish Lamb Limited food safety violation2010UK-FS£4,500
Iqbal Brothers Poultry Limited food safety violation2010UK-FS£10,000
Iqbal Brothers Poultry Limited food safety violation2010UK-FS£10,000
Iqbal Brothers Poultry Limited food safety violation2010UK-FS£10,000
Pakeezah Meats Limited food safety violation2010UK-FS£6,800
Pakeezah Meats Limited food safety violation2010UK-FS£6,800
Pakeezah Meats Limited food safety violation2010UK-FS£6,800
Yorkshire Poultry Products Limited food safety violation2011UK-FS£14,000
Pak Poultry Products Limited food safety violation2011UK-FS£2,382
Pak Poultry Products Limited food safety violation2011UK-FS£2,382
Pak Poultry Products Limited food safety violation2011UK-FS£2,382
Pak Poultry Products Limited food safety violation2011UK-FS£2,382
S L G Wholesale Meats Limited food safety violation2011UK-FS£2,000
HCF Poultry Limited food safety violation2011UK-FS£7,000
G Lawrence Wholesale Meat Company Limited food safety violation2011UK-FS£44,424
Nirma Foods Limited food safety violation2011UK-FS£3,000
Premium Halal Meat Poultry Limited food safety violation2011UK-FS£7,489
Paul Flatman Limited food safety violation2011UK-FS£5,585
Paul Flatman Limited food safety violation2011UK-FS£5,585
Romford Halal Meats Limited food safety violation2011UK-FS£5,027
Romford Halal Meats Limited food safety violation2011UK-FS£5,027