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Violation Tracker UK Summary for Offence Group

Offence Group: safety-related offences
Penalty Total since 2010£584,517,040
Number of Penalty Cases: 55,313
Note: Includes records/cases without monetary penalties.
Top 10 Parent CompaniesTotal PenaltyNumber of Cases
Network Rail£20,064,27027
Kier Group PLC£9,039,6027
Tata Group£7,874,53539
Balfour Beatty£7,265,80819
National Gas Transmission PLC£7,209,7456
Valero Energy£6,000,0001
Merlin Entertainments Limited£5,277,0043
Northern Gas Networks£5,134,94016
Deutsche Bahn£4,687,46812
Valencia Waste Management£4,600,4386

Individual Penalty Cases:

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CompanyParentParent Major IndustryOffence TypeYearAgency sort iconPenalty Amount
Al Murad DIY Ltd fire safety violation2015UK-WYFRS£33,668
Al Murad DIY Ltd fire safety violation2015UK-WYFRS£27,000
Al Murad DIY Ltd fire safety violation2015UK-WYFRS£43,000
Joseph International Ltd fire safety violation2012UK-WYFRS£21,130
JTF Wholesale Ltd fire safety violation2013UK-WYFRS£8,019
Poundstretcher Ltd fire safety violation2010UK-WYFRS£54,950
Trinity Developments Ltd fire safety violation2020UK-WYFRS£166,000
Niche Homes Ltd fire safety violation2020UK-WYFRS£66,000
APP Construction Ltd fire safety violation2020UK-WYFRS£459,000
Wakefield Girls High School fire safety violation2020UK-WYFRS£24,533
Anatolio fire safety violation2015UK-SWFRS£5,322
Brick Fabrication Limited fire safety violation2016UK-SWFRS£24,716
Bridgend Trailercraft Limited t/a Keens Guns & Tackle fire safety violation2018UK-SWFRS£16,000
MDS Recycling fire safety violation2015UK-SWFRS£48,207
First Security Solutions Ltd security industry violation2023UK-SIA£890
First Choice (Sussex) Security Ltd security industry violation2023UK-SIA£3,304
Principal Protection and Events Limited security industry violation2023UK-SIA£29,400
Number One Security Ltd. security industry violation2023UK-SIA£1,142
ACE Security Specialist Ltd security industry violation2024UK-SIA£100
I-Guard Security security industry violation2023UK-SIA£4,623
NIA Security Ltd security industry violation2021UK-SIA£967
Standeasy Security Limited security industry violation2021UK-SIA£1,600
Palladis Security Services Ltd. security industry violation2021UK-SIA£143
Prime London Services Ltd security industry violation2021UK-SIA£2,500
Hunter Irwin Security Specialists Ltd security industry violation2021UK-SIA£1,458
One 2 One Security Ltd security industry violation2020UK-SIA£331
PB Facilities Management Ltd security industry violation2020UK-SIA£1,325
Port Side Solutions Ltd security industry violation2019UK-SIA£2,270
Elite Security (NW) Ltd security industry violation2019UK-SIA£1,548
G.W.E. Security Limited security industry violation2019UK-SIA£1,350
Loc 19 Chester Limited security industry violation2019UK-SIA£2,404
2BSecure Ltd security industry violation2018UK-SIA£10,959
London Guard Security LTD security industry violation2018UK-SIA£12,334
Showtime Security Guards Limited security industry violation2018UK-SIA£3,200
JPD Security Services Ltd security industry violation2018UK-SIA£3,600
Elite Door Staff security industry violation2018UK-SIA£5,472
Sightguard Security Ltd security industry violation2018UK-SIA£1
IG Security Services Limited security industry violation2018UK-SIA£6,265
Diamond Security security industry violation2018UK-SIA£0
Evans Fullerton Security Guarding Ltd security industry violation2017UK-SIA£1
Triforce Security Solutions Ltd. security industry violation2017UK-SIA£4,393
Fort Security security industry violation2016UK-SIA£3,660
Platinum UK Facilities Management Ltd security industry violation2016UK-SIA£23,500
Elite Security (NW) Ltd security industry violation2016UK-SIA£3,660
Wharf Guards Limited security industry violation2016UK-SIA£9,120
Moran Security Ltd security industry violation2016UK-SIA£5,169
Capital UK Services Ltd security industry violation2016UK-SIA£1
Paramount Monitoring and Response Limited security industry violation2016UK-SIA£5,843
Nationwide Security Management Ltd security industry violation2016UK-SIA£9,120
Red Rose Select Services Ltd security industry violation2016UK-SIA£5,120
KSS Keyholding Ltd Security Company security industry violation2016UK-SIA£5,986
Leisure Security Limited security industry violation2015UK-SIA£250
Louis Alexander Ltd security industry violation2015UK-SIA£13,803
WNT Security Ltd security industry violation2015UK-SIA£0
Castle Security Group (Northern) Limited security industry violation2014UK-SIA£2,000
Night Owl (Exeter) Security Ltd. security industry violation2014UK-SIA£120
Shadow Facilities Management Limited security industry violation2014UK-SIA£1,100
Project Security UK Limited security industry violation2013UK-SIA£9,120
Armstrong Security Guards Limited security industry violation2013UK-SIA£4,036
Pro-Tech Security Northern Limited security industry violation2013UK-SIA£16,000
Scarlet Security Limited security industry violation2013UK-SIA£34,247
Stafford Security Services Ltd security industry violation2012UK-SIA£11,500
Progressive Security and Fortis Security (UK) Ltd. security industry violation2012UK-SIA£14,000
Global Security North West security industry violation2011UK-SIA£1,715
Thor Security security industry violation2011UK-SIA£1,000
GPN Services Ltd security industry violation2011UK-SIA£1,000
Sabrewatch Limited security industry violation2010UK-SIA£1,140,000
Dragon Event Security security industry violation2021UK-SIA£429
Liberty Security Services Ltd security industry violation2021UK-SIA£1,644
Nationwide Management Services Ltd security industry violation2021UK-SIA£50,589
Islanders Protection Security Services Ltd security industry violation2022UK-SIA£1,084
ALG Security Services Limited security industry violation2022UK-SIA£1,190
Kenden Security Ltd security industry violation2022UK-SIA£250
Maxim Security Limited security industry violation2022UK-SIA£2,629
Aaron Rail Ltd security industry violation2022UK-SIA£10,147
Beta UK Limited fire safety violation2021UK-RBFRS£85,000
Papa JohnsPapa John's Internationalrestaurants and foodservicefire safety violation2019UK-RBFRS£13,785
Gwili Railway Company Ltd workplace safety or health violation2023UK-ORR£18,000
Transport for London workplace safety or health violation2023UK-ORR£10,000,000
Tram Operations Limited workplace safety or health violation2023UK-ORR£4,000,000
WH Malcolm Limited workplace safety or health violation2021UK-ORR£6,500,000
Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Executive dba Nexus workplace safety or health violation2021UK-ORR£1,672,390
Network Rail LimitedNetwork Railmiscellaneous servicesworkplace safety or health violation2021UK-ORR£730,313
DB Cargo (UK) LimitedDeutsche Bahnfreight and logisticsworkplace safety or health violation2021UK-ORR£233,768
Network Rail LimitedNetwork Railmiscellaneous servicesworkplace safety or health violation2020UK-ORR£135,000
Network Rail LimitedNetwork Railmiscellaneous servicesworkplace safety or health violation2020UK-ORR£10,000
Renown Consultants Limited workplace safety or health violation2020UK-ORR£750,000
DB Cargo (UK) LimitedDeutsche Bahnfreight and logisticsrailroad safety violation2020UK-ORR£1,227,873
Lanes Group PLC workplace safety or health violation2019UK-ORR£409,896
Govia Thameslink Railway LtdGo-Ahead Group PLCmiscellaneous servicesrailroad safety violation2019UK-ORR£1,052,267
DB Cargo (UK) LimitedDeutsche Bahnfreight and logisticsrailroad safety violation2019UK-ORR£2,922,373
Network Rail LimitedNetwork Railmiscellaneous servicesworkplace safety or health violation2018UK-ORR£286,509
Balfour Beatty Rail LimitedBalfour Beattyconstruction and engineeringworkplace safety or health violation2018UK-ORR£363,000
London Underground Limited workplace safety or health violation2018UK-ORR£130,000
Kier InfrastructureKier Group PLCconstruction and engineeringworkplace safety or health violation2018UK-ORR£625,767
South Devon Railway Trust railroad safety violation2018UK-ORR£53,035
BAM NuttallRoyal BAM Groupconstruction and engineeringworkplace safety or health violation2018UK-ORR£903,578
McNealy Brown workplace safety or health violation2018UK-ORR£68,578
Network Rail Infrastructure LimitedNetwork Railmiscellaneous servicesrailroad safety violation2018UK-ORR£803,000
London and South Eastern RailwaysGo-Ahead Group PLCmiscellaneous servicesworkplace safety or health violation2017UK-ORR£2,500,000
Wettons Cleaning Services workplace safety or health violation2017UK-ORR£1,100,000