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Violation Tracker UK Summary for Offence Group

Offence Group: financial offences
Penalty Total since 2010£4,178,153,261
Number of Penalty Cases: 3,837
Note: Includes records/cases without monetary penalties.
Top 10 Parent CompaniesTotal PenaltyNumber of Cases
NatWest Group PLC£364,725,85610
JPMorgan Chase£174,006,2003
Banco Santander£173,488,9006
Deutsche Bank£170,135,0243
Standard Chartered£169,185,0103
Lloyds Banking Group£149,343,6009
Goldman Sachs£148,461,5004
Tesco PLC£148,400,0002

Individual Penalty Cases:

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CompanyParentParent Major IndustryOffence Type sort iconYearAgencyPenalty Amount
Enigma Facilities Management Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£1,409,450
Expert Interiors & Cleaning Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£104,083
Magic Wok Mei Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£105,073
Mold Elm Kebab Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£113,332
A M A Catering Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£115,613
Nails@555 Limited fka Nails @5 Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£116,981
Abwab Global Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£119,128
Iffy’s Food Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£12,627
Chloe’s Antique Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£13,073
Ridgeworks DS Ltd t/a Ridgeworks tax violations2023UK-HMRC£130,461
BVM Consultancy Services Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£14,969
Nazar Ltd formerly trading as Kebab King tax violations2023UK-HMRC£147,670
Stellar Central Services Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£154,509
Daily Drinks 007 Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£157,761
Barkat Cuisine Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£18,726
Oasis Catering Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£189,868
MM Builders Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£190,457
Rocket Pizza BR3 Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£198,603
Indian Garden Gloucs. Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£21,391
Wycombe Tandoori Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£22,193
Hot Wok Reading Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£22,733
Olaiya African Food Store Ltd. tax violations2023UK-HMRC£23,361
Auto George Ltd formerly trading as George’s Autos tax violations2023UK-HMRC£25,900
Sharcc Limited formerly trading as The Hen House tax violations2023UK-HMRC£26,243
Red Point Recruitment Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£260,578
CEL Group UK Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£27,245
Chips Ahoy tax violations2023UK-HMRC£27,854
Pizza Bello tax violations2023UK-HMRC£27,935
On Point Reviews Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£273,986
WE Cre8 Events Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£28,232
Tasty Village Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£28,458
Manor Cars tax violations2023UK-HMRC£28,503
Dica Building Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£29,092
Swiss Cottage tax violations2023UK-HMRC£29,093
MDIS Construction Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£302,577
Delta Force Guarding Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£306,703
GN Pro Build Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£31,886
Saray Restaurant (Doncaster) Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£32,704
Fallowfield Takeaway Ltd t/a Allen’s Fried Chicken tax violations2023UK-HMRC£33,409
Selby Holdings Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£33,590
Banta Builder Ltd fka Fahadshahbaz Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£36,725
Zeta Shoes Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£37,042
Burnley Road Off Licence tax violations2023UK-HMRC£37,460
Void Construction Contracts Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£38,093
UK Premier Parking Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£39,467
Carlton Buildings tax violations2023UK-HMRC£4,225,950
Northern Bespoke Developments Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£40,154
Paragon Restaurants Limited formerly trading as Manjaros tax violations2023UK-HMRC£40,269
Superior Scaffolding Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£40,796
Crowthers Construction Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£41,019
Azure Grand Limited formerly trading as Life Glasgow tax violations2023UK-HMRC£416,139
Handsome Dog Ltd t/a Handsome Dog Pub Co tax violations2023UK-HMRC£42,000
Pure & Fresh London Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£43,102
ULS UK Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£43,330
BMB Corrosion Prevention Consultancy Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£43,400
Solihull Financial Services Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£43,569
New Fujiyama Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£48,344
The Sun Inn tax violations2023UK-HMRC£481,280
Tripoli Ltd formerly trading as Med Max tax violations2023UK-HMRC£51,385
North South Technologies Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£52,529
Cheadle Gourmet Restaurant Limited formerly trading as The Garam Massala tax violations2023UK-HMRC£52,753
A H Fire Preventions Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£53,193
Spri Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£53,334
Monkmoor Bathrooms Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£53,689
Homes IV You Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£56,093
Carlos Gardening Services Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£57,674
GELU Builder Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£57,677
MDIS Painting Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£59,024
Golden City Limited t/a Golden City tax violations2023UK-HMRC£60,067
China Time tax violations2023UK-HMRC£60,273
Matthews Electronics Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£62,958
Coffee@The Castle Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£63,278
Zaike Dar Food Ltd formerly trading as Kebabish Peri Peri tax violations2023UK-HMRC£67,026
Laura Roxana Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£67,500
N9 Beijing Limited formerly trading as Chef Beijing tax violations2023UK-HMRC£71,422
Project G Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£71,886
K A MOT & Repair Centre Ltd t/a K Amar MOT & Repair tax violations2023UK-HMRC£72,261
Ethos Payroll Services Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£72,574
WJE Limited formerly trading as Oriental Garden tax violations2023UK-HMRC£78,377
Ecotarius Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£83,780
Xpressions fka Cinnamon Bay & Chicken Cottage tax violations2023UK-HMRC£86,296
Pangea Worldwide Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£86,500
Techsimulater Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£88,163
Lahore Eastcote Trading Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£89,081
Venatu Payroll Solutions Ltd fks RTS Payroll Solutions Ltd and Bondix Administration Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£942,776
Staffscanner Payroll Bureau Ltd fka Apollo Payroll Bureau Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£990,703
Fortune tax violations2024UK-HMRC£11,521
Morelli’s tax violations2024UK-HMRC£12,175
Brennen and Brown Limited fka The Gin Guild tax violations2024UK-HMRC£14,015
Smart Chaps Male Grooming tax violations2024UK-HMRC£15,307
White Swan Orp Limited tax violations2024UK-HMRC£15,837
D&S Trans Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£16,333
Stanwyck Fish Bar Limited tax violations2024UK-HMRC£19,480
Elite (DFS) Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£20,501
Outernational Limited tax violations2024UK-HMRC£21,054
West Haugh Farmhouse tax violations2024UK-HMRC£21,123
The Sunflower CN Ltd fka Sunflower tax violations2024UK-HMRC£21,672
Asia Delight (Northampton) Limited fka Headlands Spice tax violations2024UK-HMRC£21,750
EU Distribution Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£23,312
Paman Engineering Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£23,497
NP Construction Services tax violations2024UK-HMRC£23,673