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Violation Tracker UK Summary for Offence Group

Offence Group: financial offences
Penalty Total since 2010£4,178,153,261
Number of Penalty Cases: 3,837
Note: Includes records/cases without monetary penalties.
Top 10 Parent CompaniesTotal PenaltyNumber of Cases
NatWest Group PLC£364,725,85610
JPMorgan Chase£174,006,2003
Banco Santander£173,488,9006
Deutsche Bank£170,135,0243
Standard Chartered£169,185,0103
Lloyds Banking Group£149,343,6009
Goldman Sachs£148,461,5004
Tesco PLC£148,400,0002

Individual Penalty Cases:

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CompanyParentParent Major IndustryOffence Type sort iconYearAgencyPenalty Amount
NP Construction Services tax violations2024UK-HMRC£23,673
Petru Trans Limited tax violations2024UK-HMRC£24,950
The Bakers Best Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£25,149
DE & PA Construction Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£26,248
Rad Point Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£26,940
The 8848 Limited tax violations2024UK-HMRC£27,049
Badgers Hill Farm Limited tax violations2024UK-HMRC£27,335
Plus 4 Packaging Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£27,606
HH Tan 2 Ltd fka Tan Allure tax violations2024UK-HMRC£28,173
Luna Stand Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£28,226
Q Dumpling Bar Limited tax violations2024UK-HMRC£28,407
Five Fingers Hospitality Limited t/a Tayview Hotel tax violations2024UK-HMRC£28,694
Joes Burgers Ltd fka Buba Joe’s tax violations2024UK-HMRC£30,606
HH Tan 3 Ltd fka Tan Allure tax violations2024UK-HMRC£30,894
Willowloch Limited tax violations2024UK-HMRC£32,022
The Kongo Restaurant Limited tax violations2024UK-HMRC£33,814
IQ Direct Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£34,222
Blacktop Media Ltd fka Hams Sandwich Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£34,270
Neagra UK Construction Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£37,238
Love Lane Brewery Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£38,226
SB Roofing tax violations2024UK-HMRC£38,773
C&L Cleaning and Drylining Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£40,318
Power Fire MT Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£40,667
V&A Trade Ltd fka V&A Carpentery Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£40,811
Steel Gates & Stairs Limited tax violations2024UK-HMRC£43,551
Everwoodinteractive Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£45,084
Priceline Ltd f/a Rocky’s tax violations2024UK-HMRC£45,166
Radford Royale Limited fka Royal Chicken & Pizza tax violations2024UK-HMRC£45,553
The White Horse Inn tax violations2024UK-HMRC£46,186
EM & MA Services Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£46,981
Fabio’s Pizza and Grill tax violations2024UK-HMRC£47,388
Sparrowapp Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£48,732
Spar tax violations2024UK-HMRC£49,654
IZ Solutions Limited tax violations2024UK-HMRC£50,685
Green Spectrum Limited tax violations2024UK-HMRC£52,731
Peg Patiala Limited tax violations2024UK-HMRC£56,250
Birmon Trading Group Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£57,057
NGS Samra Limited fka Star Fish Bar tax violations2024UK-HMRC£57,111
Denwell Joinery Limited tax violations2024UK-HMRC£63,536
Ecosmart (Wales) Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£68,092
Marcos 1 Limited tax violations2024UK-HMRC£68,213
TNS Cheetham Hill Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£73,031
A1 Ming Foods Limited t/a Great Wall Takeaway tax violations2024UK-HMRC£76,492
A1 Labour Supply Limited tax violations2024UK-HMRC£80,769
The Talbot tax violations2024UK-HMRC£83,749
Fulfilled Living Limited tax violations2024UK-HMRC£84,337
Time To Be Me Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£85,926
Maggie Cleaning Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£87,837
B Bespoke Developments Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£87,972
Syntax Trading Limited tax violations2024UK-HMRC£88,198
Milomagro Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£93,129
Raby Road Convenience Store tax violations2024UK-HMRC£95,213
Fox Service Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£106,509
N&M Paradise Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£107,137
Prestiger Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£109,300
Squad Solutions Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£116,713
A2 Laundry Limited tax violations2024UK-HMRC£142,516
Advinia Care Homes Limited tax violations2024UK-HMRC£145,021
TNS Properties Investment Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£157,590
Novision Consulting Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£160,625
Gizo Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£164,715
Majestic NW Limited tax violations2024UK-HMRC£338,963
Winchester Services Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£344,888
Orlandomagic Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£478,279
Estrada Services Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£640,193
Raffles Cockapoos (DF) Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£665,717
Protego Security Services Limited tax violations2024UK-HMRC£839,306
Cheshire Agricultural Contracting Limited tax violations2024UK-HMRC£897,618
Blinkin-Ink & Mobis Ltd t/a ‘BIML and Blinking Ink’ tax violations2024UK-HMRC£1,766,665
L & S Accounting Firm Umbrella Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£2,074,840
Simply Plant Sales Limited fka Slater Haringthwaite Limited tax violations2024UK-HMRC£2,959,474
JBK Constructions Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£3,319,617
Shenzhen Qiao Zhuo E-Commerce Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£1,411,508
Data Market Group Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£531,004
eDistribute Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£470,757
Albert Spratt Construction tax violations2019UK-HMRC£455,854
Sosia Constructions UK Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£454,201
William Firth & Son Limited tax violations2019UK-HMRC£423,339
Alppa Pan tax violations2019UK-HMRC£291,155
Golden 77 Limited tax violations2019UK-HMRC£281,451
Allyan Ltd dba Canton Cuisine tax violations2019UK-HMRC£249,339
AWM Accountant and Tax Advisors tax violations2019UK-HMRC£244,445
Deluxe Printers Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£243,278
Haweli Twyford Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£240,095
MDistribution Limited dba Milano Pizza tax violations2019UK-HMRC£179,261
Elite-Energy Recruitment Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£168,521
Einvoicing Limited fka UK Express Delivery Limited tax violations2019UK-HMRC£127,379
Bilston High Street Fish Bar Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£113,020
Beycafe Ltd dba Frenchgate Cafe tax violations2019UK-HMRC£112,984
Rocco Fashion Limited tax violations2019UK-HMRC£109,231
Carr's BK Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£105,395
Liu Tang Ltd dba Sukho Fine Thai Cuisine tax violations2019UK-HMRC£98,302
Newhold Limited tax violations2019UK-HMRC£86,988
FM Software Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£86,139
Olympus Eyewear Europe Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£85,766
Porton Biopharma Limited tax violations2019UK-HMRC£80,361
Tandoor Mahal (Maidstone) Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£72,757
Carlane Construction Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£69,389
A Hamilton Construction Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£68,998
Camac Engineering Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£64,660
Orbit Hosting Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£64,032