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Violation Tracker UK Summary for Offence Group

Offence Group: safety-related offences
Penalty Total since 2010£552,360,503
Number of Penalty Cases: 53,005
Note: Includes records/cases without monetary penalties.
Top 10 Parent CompaniesTotal PenaltyNumber of Cases
Network Rail£20,064,27027
Kier Group PLC£9,039,6027
National Grid£8,441,03910
Tata Group£7,874,53537
Balfour Beatty£7,265,80819
Valero Energy£6,000,0001
Merlin Entertainments Limited£5,277,0043
Northern Gas Networks£5,134,94014
Deutsche Bahn£4,633,07611
Go-Ahead Group PLC£4,230,7993

Individual Penalty Cases:

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CompanyParentParent Major IndustryOffence Type sort icon . YearAgencyPenalty Amount
Islamic Preparatory School Wolverhampton care quality violation2019UK-OFSTED£0
Islamic Preparatory School Wolverhampton care quality violation2017UK-OFSTED£0
ITEC Learning Technologies care quality violation2021UK-OFSTED£0
Inspection of Jamia Al-Hudaa Residential College care quality violation2022UK-OFSTED£0
Inspection of Jamia Al-Hudaa Residential College care quality violation2019UK-OFSTED£0
Inspection of Jamia Al-Hudaa Residential College care quality violation2015UK-OFSTED£0
Joint Learning Partnership Limited care quality violation2016UK-OFSTED£0
Jubilee House Christian School care quality violation2015UK-OFSTED£0
KATS Learning Ltd care quality violation2015UK-OFSTED£0
Kensington Park School care quality violation2017UK-OFSTED£0
Keresley College care quality violation2022UK-OFSTED£0
Keresley College care quality violation2014UK-OFSTED£0
Khalsa College London care quality violation2019UK-OFSTED£0
Khalsa College London care quality violation2018UK-OFSTED£0
Kingsmere SchoolWaterland Private Equityprivate equity (including portfolio companies)care quality violation2020UK-OFSTED£0
KPMG Limited Liability PartnershipKPMGbusiness servicescare quality violation2020UK-OFSTED£0
KT Associates care quality violation2017UK-OFSTED£0
KWS School care quality violation2018UK-OFSTED£0
Learndirect Limited care quality violation2017UK-OFSTED£0
Leicester Community Academy care quality violation2018UK-OFSTED£0
Leicester Community Academy care quality violation2014UK-OFSTED£0
Leicester International School care quality violation2017UK-OFSTED£0
Lewis Charlton Learning Centre care quality violation2022UK-OFSTED£0
Lewis Charlton Learning Centre care quality violation2019UK-OFSTED£0
Liga (UK) Ltd care quality violation2020UK-OFSTED£0
Lighthouse School care quality violation2021UK-OFSTED£0
Limm Skills Academy Limited care quality violation2022UK-OFSTED£0
Liral Veget College London care quality violation2019UK-OFSTED£0
London Christian Learning Centre care quality violation2016UK-OFSTED£0
London Skills Academy care quality violation2014UK-OFSTED£0
LOTA Training care quality violation2012UK-OFSTED£0
Lubavitch Senior Boys School care quality violation2022UK-OFSTED£0
Lubavitch Senior Boys School care quality violation2018UK-OFSTED£0
Lubavitch Yeshiva Ketanah of London care quality violation2022UK-OFSTED£0
Lubavitch Yeshiva Ketanah of London care quality violation2018UK-OFSTED£0
Lumiar Stowford care quality violation2020UK-OFSTED£0
LVS Hassocks care quality violation2016UK-OFSTED£0
Manchester International College care quality violation2014UK-OFSTED£0
Manorway Independent School care quality violation2020UK-OFSTED£0
Manorway Independent School care quality violation2018UK-OFSTED£0
Manufacturing Excellence Limited care quality violation2021UK-OFSTED£0
Maranatha Christian School care quality violation2016UK-OFSTED£0
Matrix Training and Development Limited care quality violation2017UK-OFSTED£0
Meadowpark School care quality violation2021UK-OFSTED£0
Mechinoh School care quality violation2022UK-OFSTED£0
Mechinoh School care quality violation2017UK-OFSTED£0
Mechinoh School care quality violation2015UK-OFSTED£0
Mechinoh School care quality violation2013UK-OFSTED£0
Menorah Grammar School care quality violation2020UK-OFSTED£0
Menorah Grammar School care quality violation2015UK-OFSTED£0
Mercia Partnership (UK) Ltd care quality violation2019UK-OFSTED£0
Michael House School care quality violation2019UK-OFSTED£0
Michael John Academy care quality violation2019UK-OFSTED£0
Millennium Academy care quality violation2018UK-OFSTED£0
Mobile Care Qualifications Limited care quality violation2018UK-OFSTED£0
Mooreskills Ltd care quality violation2019UK-OFSTED£0
Moorland Waldorf School care quality violation2022UK-OFSTED£0
My Life Learning care quality violation2022UK-OFSTED£0
Myrrh Limited care quality violation2013UK-OFSTED£0
National Training & Skills Ltd care quality violation2021UK-OFSTED£0
Nestor Primecare Services Limited care quality violation2017UK-OFSTED£0
Netherleigh and Rossefield School care quality violation2022UK-OFSTED£0
New Generation Training and Consultancy Limited care quality violation2022UK-OFSTED£0
Newbury Hall School care quality violation2018UK-OFSTED£0
Newbury Hall School care quality violation2016UK-OFSTED£0
Newbury Hall School care quality violation2013UK-OFSTED£0
Newbury Independent School care quality violation2022UK-OFSTED£0
Newbury Independent School care quality violation2018UK-OFSTED£0
Next Retail LtdNext Group PLCretailingcare quality violation2015UK-OFSTED£0
NLT Training Services Ltd care quality violation2017UK-OFSTED£0
NLT Training Services Ltd care quality violation2010UK-OFSTED£0
Norfolk and Suffolk Care Support Limited care quality violation2013UK-OFSTED£0
Norfolk Training Services Limited care quality violation2017UK-OFSTED£0
Northbridge Enterprise CollegeG Square Capitalprivate equity (including portfolio companies)care quality violation2022UK-OFSTED£0
North Liverpool Regeneration Company Ltd care quality violation2017UK-OFSTED£0
Northgate Information Solutions UK Limited care quality violation2012UK-OFSTED£0
Northleigh House School care quality violation2019UK-OFSTED£0
Northumberland – Blyth Valley Children’s Centre Group care quality violation2014UK-OFSTED£0
Northumbrian Trust Day Nurseries care quality violation2010UK-OFSTED£0
Nottinghamshire Training Network care quality violation2019UK-OFSTED£0
Oak Tree High care quality violation2018UK-OFSTED£0
Oak Tree High care quality violation2017UK-OFSTED£0
Oakmere Community College care quality violation2016UK-OFSTED£0
Ohr Emes care quality violation2021UK-OFSTED£0
Olive Secondary care quality violation2022UK-OFSTED£0
Olive Secondary care quality violation2017UK-OFSTED£0
Olive Tree School care quality violation2019UK-OFSTED£0
Olive Tree School care quality violation2017UK-OFSTED£0
One to One Support Services Limited care quality violation2022UK-OFSTED£0
Overstone Park School care quality violation2015UK-OFSTED£0
Paragon Christian Academy care quality violation2019UK-OFSTED£0
Park Avenue Girls' High School care quality violation2017UK-OFSTED£0
People and Business Development Ltd care quality violation2020UK-OFSTED£0
Peregrinate Ltd care quality violation2023UK-OFSTED£0
PGL Travel care quality violation2021UK-OFSTED£0
Phoenix U16 Independent School care quality violation2022UK-OFSTED£0
Piper Training Limited care quality violation2020UK-OFSTED£0
Platinum Employment Advice and Training Limited care quality violation2017UK-OFSTED£0
Polestar UK Print Limited care quality violation2012UK-OFSTED£0
PRESET Charitable Trust care quality violation2013UK-OFSTED£0
Presidency London College Limited care quality violation2021UK-OFSTED£0