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Violation Tracker UK Summary for Offence Group

Offence Group: financial offences
Penalty Total since 2010£4,178,153,261
Number of Penalty Cases: 3,837
Note: Includes records/cases without monetary penalties.
Top 10 Parent CompaniesTotal PenaltyNumber of Cases
NatWest Group PLC£364,725,85610
JPMorgan Chase£174,006,2003
Banco Santander£173,488,9006
Deutsche Bank£170,135,0243
Standard Chartered£169,185,0103
Lloyds Banking Group£149,343,6009
Goldman Sachs£148,461,5004
Tesco PLC£148,400,0002

Individual Penalty Cases:

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CompanyParentParent Major IndustryOffence Type sort iconYearAgencyPenalty Amount
Shoponix Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£180,101
Smart Price Bristol Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£130,762
La Base Limited fka Nobleman Law Limited. tax violations2022UK-HMRC£23,912
Onestopmoneymanager Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£64,139
Kingdom Protection Management Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£161,845
C Mann Construction Limited tax violations2022UK-HMRC£850,781
The Crown (Tur Langton) Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£24,137
Wild & Lye Removal Services Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£60,691
Kronstadt Contractors Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£113,148
E Happy Palace Ltd dba Sichuan Savour tax violations2022UK-HMRC£36,037
Nooris Brighton Ltd fka Nooris Indian Cuisine tax violations2022UK-HMRC£83,844
Bridgeview Logistics Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£33,643
JDM Metals tax violations2022UK-HMRC£19,865
UKS Group Limited tax violations2022UK-HMRC£226,330
London Designer Sales Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£16,079
YQMS Limited tax violations2022UK-HMRC£1,179,907
Aster and Young Limited. Formerly known as SCC Trading Limited and formerly known as Centric Management Services Limited. tax violations2022UK-HMRC£9,504,557
Eat Well Kebabs Ltd fka Istanbul Kebab House tax violations2022UK-HMRC£19,283
Folkestone Kebab & Pizza Limited tax violations2022UK-HMRC£47,162
Golden Star tax violations2022UK-HMRC£51,660
YJ Wu Ltd Ocean City tax violations2022UK-HMRC£52,975
Sunny Take Away tax violations2022UK-HMRC£186,244
Fiston Limited fka Hadleigh Fast Food tax violations2022UK-HMRC£311,635
Liberty Motors tax violations2022UK-HMRC£12,040
Birch Vehicle Sales Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£18,479
Ajesh Superstores Ltd dba Select Express tax violations2022UK-HMRC£13,838
Bournemouth Lahore Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£16,360
New Ship Pub Ltd dba The New Ship tax violations2022UK-HMRC£16,839
H Lucky House Limited dba Golden Valley tax violations2022UK-HMRC£16,870
Wellington Street Car Sales Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£17,022
Clancy's tax violations2022UK-HMRC£17,731
Foo Lin (Alfreton) Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£17,893
Highbase Commercial Ltd. tax violations2022UK-HMRC£18,161
Walmley Spices Midlands Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£18,685
Buco Digital Limited tax violations2022UK-HMRC£19,488
Electro Clouds Limited dba Electro Clouds Vape Co. tax violations2022UK-HMRC£19,509
G Force Investments Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£20,741
Vigilant Inn Limited tax violations2022UK-HMRC£21,119
Renovating 4 U Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£24,399
Leaps & Bounds Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£26,748
Deniz Kebab Ltd dba Deniz's Kebab House tax violations2022UK-HMRC£27,747
New Phoenix tax violations2022UK-HMRC£27,844
Sumhas Cars Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£28,059
Wok U Like tax violations2022UK-HMRC£29,559
Parkfield Central Grill Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£33,427
Maintech Solutions tax violations2022UK-HMRC£34,533
Pizza Time tax violations2022UK-HMRC£37,269
Direct Denim Limited fka Fortwill Car Sales Limited. tax violations2022UK-HMRC£38,018
VCL Distribution Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£38,306
I D Foods Ltd dba Pepinos Pizza tax violations2022UK-HMRC£39,343
Slices tax violations2022UK-HMRC£39,351
Alex Construction Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£39,526
The Patek Life tax violations2022UK-HMRC£40,362
Source Software Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£43,676
Madhatters tax violations2022UK-HMRC£45,805
Grant & Sons Transport Limited tax violations2022UK-HMRC£47,144
Inspection & Technical Services Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£47,383
Sea Breeze tax violations2022UK-HMRC£52,675
Seaside Pub Company Ltd dba The Royal Albion tax violations2022UK-HMRC£53,460
Romeo Pizza Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£55,411
Ava Contractors Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£57,237
Wok 'N' Roe Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£57,801
Glasgow Private Hire Limited tax violations2022UK-HMRC£61,545
UK Camera Club Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£64,345
Opco Leisure Ltd dba Casa tax violations2022UK-HMRC£70,417
Boava Solutions Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£72,845
Chinese New Garden Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£85,543
hcomputers tax violations2022UK-HMRC£89,500
Zobi Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£89,661
Happy Garden Takeaway tax violations2022UK-HMRC£91,650
Polish & International Foods tax violations2022UK-HMRC£92,324
Amstone Building Limited tax violations2022UK-HMRC£104,084
UAB Migoresta tax violations2022UK-HMRC£141,578
PJ Eastbourne Limited fka Papa John Eastbourne Ltd. tax violations2022UK-HMRC£151,136
Creditcard Optimisation Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£181,028
Rigcharm Limited tax violations2022UK-HMRC£202,760
CHG Holdings Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£247,463
Consulting Europe Limited tax violations2022UK-HMRC£262,261
Torchwood Trading Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£286,895
Swift Insulation & Construction Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£303,911
The Upper Scale Limited tax violations2022UK-HMRC£458,705
Red Jon Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£739,931
Premium Brand Management Limited tax violations2022UK-HMRC£1,410,110
Mos Services Mid Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£647,422
Boy Plant Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£602,191
UAB Vaidmilda tax violations2022UK-HMRC£599,825
Diva Dee Limited tax violations2022UK-HMRC£556,881
Hebe & Huhet Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£516,507
Algorbet Limited. Formerly known as Aurora Contracts Limited. tax violations2022UK-HMRC£447,889
Newglobe Resources Limited tax violations2022UK-HMRC£367,247
Services A-Z Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£316,602
The Rowley Bar and Grill Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£260,656
Blueprint Partnership (Manchester) Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£243,757
B&B Convenience Stores Ltd dba Kwik Stop Convenience Store tax violations2022UK-HMRC£231,073
Build n' Glass tax violations2022UK-HMRC£210,142
Dashi Cuisine Ltd Lychee Oriental tax violations2022UK-HMRC£151,165
Mookys Print and Design Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£147,923
Relief Secure Services Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£129,870
Ivers Investments Limited fka Sheridan Gillis Investment Holdings Limited. tax violations2022UK-HMRC£127,875
O'Reilly Contract Scaffolding Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£107,682
Eastend Diner tax violations2022UK-HMRC£100,948