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Violation Tracker UK Summary for Offence Group

Offence Group: safety-related offences
Penalty Total since 2010£552,360,503
Number of Penalty Cases: 53,005
Note: Includes records/cases without monetary penalties.
Top 10 Parent CompaniesTotal PenaltyNumber of Cases
Network Rail£20,064,27027
Kier Group PLC£9,039,6027
National Grid£8,441,03910
Tata Group£7,874,53537
Balfour Beatty£7,265,80819
Valero Energy£6,000,0001
Merlin Entertainments Limited£5,277,0043
Northern Gas Networks£5,134,94014
Deutsche Bahn£4,633,07611
Go-Ahead Group PLC£4,230,7993

Individual Penalty Cases:

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CompanyParentParent Major IndustryOffence TypeYearAgencyPenalty Amount sort icon .
Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust care quality violation2021UK-CQC£0
Haversham House Limited care quality violation2021UK-LGSCO£0
Wentworth Court Care Home care quality violation2020UK-LGSCO£0
Chrislehurst Care Limited care quality violation2021UK-LGSCO£0
Parklands Care Services Limited care quality violation2021UK-LGSCO£0
Porthaven Care Homes No 2 Limited care quality violation2021UK-LGSCO£0
HC-One Oval LimitedHC-One Limitedhealthcare servicescare quality violation2021UK-LGSCO£0
Anchor Hanover GroupAnchor Hanover Groupmiscellaneous servicescare quality violation2021UK-LGSCO£0
MACC Care Limited care quality violation2021UK-LGSCO£0
Ripon Stourport Care Limited care quality violation2021UK-LGSCO£0
The Orders of St John Care Trust care quality violation2021UK-LGSCO£0
HC-One LimitedHC-One Limitedhealthcare servicescare quality violation2021UK-LGSCO£0
Waterlooville Care Limited care quality violation2021UK-LGSCO£0
Athena Healthcare (Park Road) Limited care quality violation2021UK-LGSCO£0
Barchester Healthcare Homes LimitedBarchester Healthcare Ltdhealthcare servicescare quality violation2021UK-LGSCO£0
Restful Homes (Worcestershire) Ltd care quality violation2021UK-LGSCO£0
Care Plus Group (North East Lincolnshire) Limited care quality violation2021UK-LGSCO£0
Minster Care Management Limited care quality violation2022UK-LGSCO£0
Country Court Care Homes 3 OpCo Limited care quality violation2022UK-LGSCO£0
Fridhem Rest Home Limited care quality violation2022UK-LGSCO£0
Gracewell Healthcare 3 Limited care quality violation2022UK-LGSCO£0
Aegis Residential Care Homes Limited care quality violation2022UK-LGSCO£0
Michael Batt Charitable Trust care quality violation2022UK-LGSCO£0
London Residential Healthcare Limited care quality violation2022UK-LGSCO£0
Strong Life Care Limited care quality violation2022UK-LGSCO£0
Rockley Dene Homes Ltd care quality violation2022UK-LGSCO£0
The Sisters Hospitallers Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus care quality violation2022UK-LGSCO£0
St Augustines Care Home care quality violation2022UK-LGSCO£0
Hanningfield Retirement Homes Limited care quality violation2022UK-LGSCO£0
Cornwall Care Limited care quality violation2022UK-LGSCO£0
Axelbond Limited care quality violation2022UK-LGSCO£0
Chimnies Ltd care quality violation2022UK-LGSCO£0
WT UK OPCO 1 Limited care quality violation2022UK-LGSCO£0
Rectory Court Care Home Limited care quality violation2022UK-LGSCO£0
Monarch Healthcare Limited care quality violation2022UK-LGSCO£0
Solent Cliffs Nursing Home Limited care quality violation2022UK-LGSCO£0
Kingsley Care Homes Ltd care quality violation2022UK-LGSCO£0
Braemar Care Centre care quality violation2022UK-LGSCO£0
Ideal Carehomes (Number One) Limited care quality violation2022UK-LGSCO£0
B & M Care/Colleycare Limited care quality violation2022UK-LGSCO£0
Saint Jude Residential Care Home Limited care quality violation2022UK-LGSCO£0
Kidderminster Care Limited care quality violation2022UK-LGSCO£0
Roseberry Care Centres (England) Ltd care quality violation2022UK-LGSCO£0
Lakeland Care Services Limited care quality violation2023UK-LGSCO£0
Akari Care Limited care quality violation2023UK-LGSCO£0
Prime Life Ltd care quality violation2023UK-LGSCO£0
GMA Healthcare Ltd care quality violation2023UK-LGSCO£0
Scio Healthcare Limited care quality violation2023UK-LGSCO£0
Care UK Community Partnerships LimitedBridgepoint Group PLCprivate equity (including portfolio companies)care quality violation2022UK-LGSCO£0
Barchester Healthcare Homes LimitedBarchester Healthcare Ltdhealthcare servicescare quality violation2023UK-LGSCO£0
Athena Healthcare (Fleetwood) Limited care quality violation2023UK-LGSCO£0
Boutique Care Shepperton Ltd care quality violation2023UK-LGSCO£0
Homefield Grange Limited care quality violation2023UK-LGSCO£0
Navigation Care Limited care quality violation2023UK-LGSCO£0
Runwood Homes Limited care quality violation2023UK-LGSCO£0
Mariposa Care Group Limited care quality violation2023UK-LGSCO£0
B & M Investments Limited care quality violation2023UK-LGSCO£0
Bupa Care Homes (PT Lindsay) LimitedBupahealthcare servicescare quality violation2023UK-LGSCO£0
Caldwell and Beling Ltd care quality violation2023UK-LGSCO£0
RAS Care Limited care quality violation2023UK-LGSCO£0
Horizon Residential Homes Limited care quality violation2023UK-LGSCO£0
Avon View care quality violation2021UK-LGSCO£0
The Old Hall - Spilsby Care Home care quality violation2022UK-LGSCO£0
Orchid Care Home care quality violation2021UK-LGSCO£0
Middleton Grove Nursing Home care quality violation2022UK-LGSCO£0
Barchester Healthcare Homes LimitedBarchester Healthcare Ltdhealthcare servicescare quality violation2021UK-LGSCO£0
Sondex Wireline Ltd nuclear safety violation2023UK-ONR£0
MYBE Awards Ltd care quality violation2023UK-OFSTED£0
Care Int Limited care quality violation2023UK-OFSTED£0
Flourish With Us care quality violation2023UK-OFSTED£0
Craig Ormerod Associates School Provision care quality violation2023UK-OFSTED£0
Yellow Tree workforce development Limited care quality violation2023UK-OFSTED£0
Progress Schools - Tees Valley care quality violation2023UK-OFSTED£0
Maria Mallaband Ltd t/a Abbey View (Nursing Home) care quality violation2022UK-RQIA£0
Presbyterian Council of Social Witness t/a Adelaide House (Residential Care Home) care quality violation2022UK-RQIA£0
Aisling Better Care care quality violation2022UK-RQIA£0
Alpha24 Healthcare Nursing Agency (London) care quality violation2021UK-RQIA£0
Amore (Ben Madigan) Limited t/a Ben Madigan Care (Nursing) Home care quality violation2021UK-RQIA£0
Amore (Watton) Ltd t/a Shaftesbury Mews Nursing Home care quality violation2021UK-RQIA£0
Angels Recruitment Agency Ltd, Domiciliary Care Agency care quality violation2019UK-RQIA£0
Angels Recruitment Agency Ltd, Nursing Agency care quality violation2019UK-RQIA£0
Apodi Healthcare Limited care quality violation2022UK-RQIA£0
Arbour House care quality violation2021UK-RQIA£0
Ballymena Dental Centre care quality violation2021UK-RQIA£0
Belfast HSC Trust Children’s Service care quality violation2022UK-RQIA£0
Camlo Homes care quality violation2021UK-RQIA£0
Carn-vaddy care quality violation2021UK-RQIA£0
Kathryn Homes Ltd t/a City View Court care quality violation2022UK-RQIA£0
Kathryn Homes Ltd t/a City View Court care quality violation2022UK-RQIA£0
Town & Country Care Homes Limited t/a Daisyhill Nursing Home care quality violation2022UK-RQIA£0
Divine Health Services care quality violation2022UK-RQIA£0
Divine Health Services Ltd care quality violation2021UK-RQIA£0
Emergency Personnel Limited care quality violation2022UK-RQIA£0
Fairlawns care quality violation2022UK-RQIA£0
First Choice Selection Services Ltd care quality violation2022UK-RQIA£0
First Choice Selection Services Ltd care quality violation2022UK-RQIA£0
Fortview Residential Care Home care quality violation2019UK-RQIA£0
Fruithill Nursing Home care quality violation2021UK-RQIA£0
Glen Caring Services Ltd care quality violation2023UK-RQIA£0
Radius Housing Association t/a Glenalina Lodge Care Centre care quality violation2022UK-RQIA£0
Gosna Care Agency Ltd care quality violation2019UK-RQIA£0