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Violation Tracker UK Summary for Offence Group

Offence Group: financial offences
Penalty Total since 2010£3,504,505,112
Number of Penalty Cases: 2,713
Note: Includes records/cases without monetary penalties.

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Top 10 Parent CompaniesTotal PenaltyNumber of Cases
NatWest Group PLC£363,717,5199
Credit Suisse£302,307,3764
JPMorgan Chase£174,006,2003
Banco Santander£173,488,9006
Standard Chartered£169,185,0103
Deutsche Bank£168,635,0243
Lloyds Banking Group£149,343,6009
Goldman Sachs£148,461,5004
Tesco PLC£148,400,0002

Individual Penalty Cases:

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CompanyParentParent Major IndustryOffence TypeYearAgencyPenalty Amount sort icon .
Smith Construction Specialists Limited tax violations2019UK-HMRC£41,757
Moy Auto Services tax violations2017UK-HMRC£41,702
Saffron Indian Restaurants Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£41,698
Horizon Knitwear Limited tax violations2016UK-HMRC£41,686
Tiryaq Services Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£41,662
Bright Entertainment Ltd dba Spices Knutsford tax violations2018UK-HMRC£41,657
Mehrab Ltd dba Tava Restaurant tax violations2018UK-HMRC£41,646
Pew Homes Ltd tax violations2021UK-HMRC£41,632
Copiers (UK) Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£41,532
DS Cleaners tax violations2022UK-HMRC£41,532
Kunal Dry Cleaners Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£41,486
Shaanz Peri Peri Bridgwater Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£41,426
Purefleet Limited tax violations2018UK-HMRC£41,421
Kuku Hair & Beauty Limited tax violations2021UK-HMRC£41,360
Sicher Properties Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£41,319
CR Building Services tax violations2016UK-HMRC£41,277
Valley Industrial Products tax violations2017UK-HMRC£41,160
Tara's All Nighter tax violations2016UK-HMRC£41,058
Smiling Property Services Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£41,031
Toya Construct Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£41,008
T and T Partitioning Limited tax violations2016UK-HMRC£40,968
Say Scaffolding Midlands Ltd tax violations2020UK-HMRC£40,956
Mumtaz Food Products Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£40,938
Arlene's Barber Shop tax violations2017UK-HMRC£40,824
Nurtenbirsen Limited dba Istanbul Kebab House tax violations2021UK-HMRC£40,745
Premier Property Rentals Limited tax violations2016UK-HMRC£40,740
Kasika Ltd dba Kathmandu Valley Restaurant tax violations2018UK-HMRC£40,693
Aber House Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£40,583
Rotherham Holistic & Beauty and Swiftfit Satelites tax violations2017UK-HMRC£40,551
New Sung Chop Suey Ltd tax violations2016UK-HMRC£40,539
UAB Guslava tax violations2018UK-HMRC£40,514
Fizzthinks360 Limited tax violations2021UK-HMRC£40,459
Simla Restaurant Limited tax violations2019UK-HMRC£40,390
Peking Chef Takeaway tax violations2018UK-HMRC£40,382
The Patek Life tax violations2022UK-HMRC£40,362
Antalya Food Express Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£40,304
Kirby and Haslam Limited accounting fraud or deficiencies2018UK-ICAEW£40,168
Kim Saigon Limited tax violations2018UK-HMRC£40,074
TJF Drilining Ltd tax violations2021UK-HMRC£40,023
Deloitte LLPDeloittebusiness servicesaccounting fraud or deficiencies2018UK-ICAEW£40,000
LB Brasserie Ltd dba Left Bank Brasserie tax violations2018UK-HMRC£39,968
Najma Group Ltd dba Cafe Muse tax violations2022UK-HMRC£39,961
Aldeia Limited tax violations2018UK-HMRC£39,818
First Class (Carter Lane) Ltd dba 1st Class Pizza tax violations2022UK-HMRC£39,799
Canal View Bus Café Limited tax violations2023UK-HMRC£39,799
Tremorfa Takeaway Limited tax violations2022UK-HMRC£39,794
Ritchie Building Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£39,724
Ming's Happiness tax violations2018UK-HMRC£39,681
D.M. Weldon & Sons Limited tax violations2017UK-HMRC£39,530
Alex Construction Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£39,526
This Is Our Business Limited tax violations2018UK-HMRC£39,524
Shrigleys Limited tax violations2016UK-HMRC£39,435
Mail Boxes etc tax violations2023UK-HMRC£39,417
Slices tax violations2022UK-HMRC£39,351
I D Foods Ltd dba Pepinos Pizza tax violations2022UK-HMRC£39,343
Alliotts accounting fraud or deficiencies2017UK-ICAEW£39,280
Safs Burgers tax violations2023UK-HMRC£39,262
D K Gill Ltd franchise of Bargain Booze and Premier tax violations2017UK-HMRC£39,241
Donsaw Limited tax violations2017UK-HMRC£39,156
Hawk Rentals Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£39,098
D&I Decorator Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£39,054
Maan Construction (UK) Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£38,967
Bewar Food Store tax violations2018UK-HMRC£38,951
Canim Fruit and Veg (Sheffield) Limited tax violations2019UK-HMRC£38,925
Cracherchlo Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£38,894
Sunshine Valet Ltd tax violations2020UK-HMRC£38,726
Man Lee Hot Food Bar 668 Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£38,708
Jutla Enterprises tax violations2016UK-HMRC£38,704
Valentine Restaurant Ltd tax violations2020UK-HMRC£38,683
Airlink Compressors tax violations2016UK-HMRC£38,624
Armagh Food Company Limited dba Eurospar tax violations2018UK-HMRC£38,568
Apex All Trades Limited tax violations2022UK-HMRC£38,339
VCL Distribution Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£38,306
Tas Building Solutions Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£38,267
Extraction Management Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£38,183
Western Log Energy LLP tax violations2016UK-HMRC£38,128
Johnsons tax violations2017UK-HMRC£38,105
Macsons (UK) Limited dba Raj India tax violations2016UK-HMRC£38,096
Direct Denim Limited fka Fortwill Car Sales Limited. tax violations2022UK-HMRC£38,018
Pizza & Pasta Factory Ltd dba Pizza Factory tax violations2021UK-HMRC£38,017
Doorsteps Sandwich Bars Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£37,967
AllBright Cleaning Services tax violations2022UK-HMRC£37,888
Impulse & Response Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£37,861
Cannards Well Limited tax violations2019UK-HMRC£37,844
Brentwood Alaturka Ltd dba A La Turka tax violations2020UK-HMRC£37,821
Shahi Raj Restaurant Ltd dba Shahi Raj Restaurant and Takeaway tax violations2018UK-HMRC£37,757
Sajaan Ltd dba Fab Kabab tax violations2017UK-HMRC£37,717
P J West London Limited fka Papa John's West London Limited franchise of Papa John's tax violations2018UK-HMRC£37,501
CB Contracts tax violations2017UK-HMRC£37,412
Mpower4u Limited tax violations2017UK-HMRC£37,409
RIM Scaffolding (Leeds) Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£37,375
AA Baits UK Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£37,370
GT Restaurants Limited tax violations2018UK-HMRC£37,362
Extragear Limited dba Pastiche Bistro tax violations2018UK-HMRC£37,337
Symor Construction Limited tax violations2018UK-HMRC£37,308
Rivaprint Limited tax violations2022UK-HMRC£37,293
Number One Supermarket Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£37,271
Pizza Time tax violations2022UK-HMRC£37,269
DPS Textile Limited tax violations2017UK-HMRC£37,244
Abercorn Service Station Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£37,235
Architectural Ceramics Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£37,228