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Violation Tracker UK Summary for Offence Group

Offence Group: financial offences
Penalty Total since 2010£4,178,153,261
Number of Penalty Cases: 3,837
Note: Includes records/cases without monetary penalties.
Top 10 Parent CompaniesTotal PenaltyNumber of Cases
NatWest Group PLC£364,725,85610
JPMorgan Chase£174,006,2003
Banco Santander£173,488,9006
Deutsche Bank£170,135,0243
Standard Chartered£169,185,0103
Lloyds Banking Group£149,343,6009
Goldman Sachs£148,461,5004
Tesco PLC£148,400,0002

Individual Penalty Cases:

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Company sort iconParentParent Major IndustryOffence TypeYearAgencyPenalty Amount
Leighs Property Services tax violations2018UK-HMRC£19,712
Leighton Paul Property Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£2,650
Lemongrass Oriental Takeaway Ltd dba Lemon Grass tax violations2018UK-HMRC£79,544
Leon International Hong Kong Company Limited dba Gemini UK tax violations2018UK-HMRC£105,373
Leonard Curtis Recovery Limited accounting fraud or deficiencies2023UK-ICAEW£21,472
Lettings Angels Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£14,500
Lettings2sales Ltd EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£7,000
Lettme Invest Limited (Heritage Property Sourcing Ltd) EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£3,200
Lever Bros & Co accounting fraud or deficiencies2020UK-ICAEW£449
Lever Drive Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£14,479
Lewis & Co (SW London) Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£14,500
Lewis Ballard BBB Limited accounting fraud or deficiencies2023UK-ICAEW£2,100
Lewis Brownlee (Chichester) Limited accounting fraud or deficiencies2022UK-ICAEW£9,538
Lewis Partnership mortgage abuses2011UK-FSA£106,499
LGDK Technology Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£139,443
Libby Libby tax violations2018UK-HMRC£43,846
Libcus Limited accounting fraud or deficiencies2021UK-ICAEW£0
Liberty Motors tax violations2022UK-HMRC£12,040
Lighthouse Advisory Services Limited investor protection violation2023UK-FCA£23,610,000
Lighthouse Estate Agents Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£14,500
Limbani Limited tax violations2022UK-HMRC£176,285
Lina Enterprises tax violations2017UK-HMRC£232,901
Linda Matthews & Co Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2021UK-HMRC£3,725
Linear Investments Limited investor protection violation2019UK-FCA£409,300
Link Fund Solutions investor protection violation2024UK-FCA£298,404,919
Linkerco Limited dba World Energy Link Limited tax violations2017UK-HMRC£22,885
Linxs First Choice Scaffolding Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£51,219
Lion Rock Properties And Let Tings Ltd EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£3,400
Lionhead Property Ltd EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£1,850
Lions Group Shop dba Lions Cub Nursery tax violations2016UK-HMRC£66,603
Liquid Fleet Ltd. tax violations2021UK-HMRC£205,125
Liquorstop Convenience Store tax violations2021UK-HMRC£57,862
Lisa Brooks & Co Ltd ASP anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£4,100
Lismore Recruitment Consultants Limited tax violations2020UK-HMRC£46,827
Lister Horsefall Limited HVD anti-money-laundering deficiencies2021UK-HMRC£28,600
Litchfield Development 7 Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£119,401
Litchfield Holdings Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£11,200
Liu Jian Ltd dba Suk Suran Fine Cuisine tax violations2019UK-HMRC£49,148
Liu Tang Ltd dba Sukho Fine Thai Cuisine tax violations2019UK-HMRC£98,302
Livingwell Realties Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£2,750
LJ Barling Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2021UK-HMRC£2,412
LJ Financial Planning Ltd. investor protection violation2020UK-FCA£107,200
LJT Limited dba Suk Fine Cuisine tax violations2019UK-HMRC£49,148
LL (NI) Limited dba Mandarin Palace Restaurant dba Mandarin Palace Takeaway dba Karma Tapas Bar dba Jasmine Takeaway tax violations2016UK-HMRC£530,315
Lloyd Williams Search And Select Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£4,300
Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets PlcLloyds Banking Groupfinancial servicesanti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-JFSC£498,000
Lloyds Bank plc and Bank of Scotland plcLloyds Banking Groupfinancial servicesinvestor protection violation2013UK-FCA£28,038,800
Lloyds Bank plc and Bank of Scotland plc and The Mortgage Business plcLloyds Banking Groupfinancial servicesmortgage abuses2020UK-FCA£64,046,800
Lloyds Banking GroupLloyds Banking Groupfinancial servicesinterest rate benchmark manipulation2014UK-PRA£7,760,000
Lloyds Banking GroupLloyds Banking Groupfinancial servicesbanking violation2021UK-CMA£0
Lloyds Banking GroupLloyds Banking Groupfinancial servicesbanking violation2021UK-CMA£0
Lloyds Banking Group plcLloyds Banking Groupfinancial servicesbanking violation2020UK-CMA£0
Lloyds Management Limited tax violations2014UK-HMRC£92,124
Lloyds Property Group Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2021UK-HMRC£15,000
Locum tax violations2022UK-HMRC£55,673
Loft Professionals Limited tax violations2022UK-HMRC£34,539
Loganberry tax violations2020UK-HMRC£58,969
Logwooden Investments Ltd tax violations2021UK-HMRC£346,682
Lomas and Company Accountants Limited accounting fraud or deficiencies2024UK-ICAEW£13,559
London Demolition (UK) Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£46,778
London Designer Sales Ltd tax violations2022UK-HMRC£16,079
London Fast Food Developments Ltd tax violations2016UK-HMRC£157,983
London Football League Ltd tax violations2016UK-HMRC£6,863
London House Hunters Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£2,596
London Lease Ltd tax violations2020UK-HMRC£27,336
London Lettings & Sales Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£4,750
London Property Acquisition Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£5,000
London Wall Property Services Ltd EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£1,750
London Waterloo Hostel tax violations2018UK-HMRC£124,403
Londons Lofts & Extensions Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£23,377
Lone Star Pizza Ltd tax violations2021UK-HMRC£65,033
Longacre (Bristol) Ltd tax violations2021UK-HMRC£55,706
Longstar Estates (London) Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£4,100
Lord Line Campus Limited tax violations2020UK-HMRC£24,362
Lordgate Ltd tax violations2016UK-HMRC£56,553
Louise Black Real Estate Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£1,250
Louvre Fund Services Limited investor protection violation2020UK-GFSC£77,000
Louvre Fund Services Limited investor protection violation2016UK-GFSC£42,000
Louvre Trust (Guernsey Limited) anti-money-laundering deficiencies2019UK-GFSC£70,000
Love Homes Estate Agents Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£7,000
Love Lane Brewery Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£38,226
Lovecamelone MCR Ltd dba Camel One tax violations2023UK-HMRC£28,494
Low Grange Quarry Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£42,401
Loyal Properties International Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£3,200
Lucky Dairy Ltd tax violations2021UK-HMRC£1,317,433
Luna Stand Ltd tax violations2024UK-HMRC£28,226
Luxury Suburbia Limited EAB anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£10,500
M & G Property Development and Maintenance Ltd tax violations2018UK-HMRC£542,378
M & M (Cambridge) LLP tax violations2021UK-HMRC£720,900
M & N Accountancy Services Limited ASP anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£1,450
M and M (MCR) Limited dba Rice tax violations2017UK-HMRC£47,818
M B Removals tax violations2018UK-HMRC£170,013
M Berry Caravans Ltd HVD anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£14,200
M H Building Services tax violations2019UK-HMRC£19,172
M M UK tax violations2018UK-HMRC£60,165
M P Pizza Ltd tax violations2019UK-HMRC£61,786
M Rodgerson Roofing Ltd tax violations2023UK-HMRC£9,415
M Sure Win Limited (Formerly trading as ‘China Star’) tax violations2023UK-HMRC£91,074
M&G Taxation Limited ASP anti-money-laundering deficiencies2023UK-HMRC£5,500
M&M (UK) Limited anti-money-laundering deficiencies2022UK-HMRC£0
M&S Groundworks Ltd tax violations2017UK-HMRC£14,352